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We. 09/03/2008 - Indian Spirits

Posted by DaveVause on Sep 3, 2008 3:58:15 PM

Today: 3.0 miles on Severn Crossing Trails @ 05:45 plus 1.0 over Mt. Tendinitis

Borg Scale: 2 / unk mpm / unk bpm at end.

week: 3.0 miles

unk F/unk%

144.6 / 15.6%


We were up early today, in the cool air in the mid 60s.  Cloudless sky shone blue after we started.  The mists reflected the light, seeming to glow over the dark grass and against the dark woods.  We ran mostly silently and effortlessly. 


When I was a small boy in the Florida panhandle, I thought the early morning mists were the spirits of generations of Indians who had lived on that land.  In my mind, they lingered still over the earth they must have loved.  To this day, I remember that little boy every time I run through morning mists.


Hamstrings, thighs, and a bit of shin soreness, still, from the zoo.

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