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Fr. 09/05/2008 - Weary

Posted by DaveVause on Sep 5, 2008 6:39:51 AM

Today: 3.0 miles on Severn Crossing Trails @ 05:45 plus 1.0 over Mt. Tendinitis

Borg Scale: 4 / unk mpm / unk bpm at end.

week: 11 miles

63 F/91%

unk lbs / unk %


Denise and I are weary as we trot through the Severn Crossing trails before dawn.  Those 7 hours at the zoo on Monday are still with us.  Nonetheless, we finish well.


After I drop her off, I do one more mile, going over Mt. Tendinitis twice on an "out and back".  I run past students collecting for their bus rides to school.  In 72, while walking to school, I used to see an older man out running in the morning.  Back then, the sight was unusual.  Actually, it still is.  He motivated me to attempt running.  Knowing nothing of the sport, I went out a couple of times only to wind up with a sore diaphragm from running too hard.  At the time, that was discouragement enough.  Today, I regret not having found my way into high school cross country.  I honestly believe it would have changed my life for the better.

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