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Tu. 09/09/08 - Sweat

Posted by DaveVause on Sep 9, 2008 2:46:51 PM

Today: 4.0 miles on Severn Crossing Trails @ 05:45 plus 1.0 over Mt. Tendinitis

Borg Scale: 4 / unk mpm / 150 bpm at end.

week: 4 miles

71 F/91%

unk lbs / unk %


I was out in the dark, a shadow gliding through the woods of the Severn Crossing trails.  Running along the trail in a copse, I make out what appears to be a nearly formless shape.  As I come upon it, I whisper "Passing on your left."  The girl lets out a startled cry, the boy steadies her.  I drift by as they continue their hand-in-hand walk to their school bus stop.


As I cross the earthen dam that forms our neighborhood's small lake, I reminisce to hand-in-hand walks 35 years ago.  The world, the woods, the university campus, my girl, and my own emotions were all part of the exciting exploration of life.  It seemed that limitless, wonderful horizons stretched in all directions.


Now, as a gray shadow fleeting through the pre-dawn, I my mind centers on my breathing, my effortless glide, and the occasional mourning dove that I startle from the ground.  The world no longer appears to me as positive as it did 35 years ago.  Now, bad and good, it just is.  It no longer really matters to me; I certainly do not matter in it.  All that I care about is how my body and mind respond to the next step I take in the darkness.


I finish the run caked in sweat salts.  I feel no plantar fascia irritation.  I am stronger.

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