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New format

Posted by DaveVause Sep 18, 2008

Dr. Tim Noakes recommends the following format to running log books. I will be slowly adopting and extending it over then next week:

How the run felt:

Effort Rating:

Using the Borg scale. More on this later.

Enjoyment Rating:

1 is you didn't enjoy the run at all. 3 is neutral. 5 is very enjoyable run.

Training Load:

More on this later.

Waking Pulse:

Morning Weight:

Bedtime and Number of Hours Slept:

Heart Rate while Training:

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Th. 09/18/08: Run-down

Posted by DaveVause Sep 18, 2008

today: 1 mile warm-up for strength training @ 06:00

week: (only) 5 miles.


I'm still sore from my strength workout on Tuesday, specially pecs.  Had a mediocre workout, but would have loved to do 5 or 6 running.  Conventional wisdom is that you rest 48 to 72 hours between hard workouts to let your body repair and grow.  Looks like my 48 wasn't long enough.

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What I am about is making training for the marathon a lifestyle. Contemporary medical advice recommends 60 - 90 minutes a day of vigorous exercise. This is consistent with training for the marathon at the amateur level.

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