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Th. 9/25 - Tiny Life

Posted by DaveVause Sep 25, 2008

The tiny mole lay on his right side on the neighborhood trail through the woods as I came upon him during my morning run.   I wondered what caused him to leave the security of his burrow to cross the narrow, black, asphalt path.  He only made it halfway across, before expiring in the middle of the trail.  He lay in a small circle of dampness he exuded upon death.

I ran past in the darkness, the sad sight lingering in my mind.  The end of a tiny life on such an unnatural surface just didn't seem  right.  I stopped and walked back to where he lay.  Taking two small sticks, I picked up his body and placed it in the leaves of a bush on the side of the trail.

I continued my four mile run feeling the world was somehow a better place.

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