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Sa. 11/1/08: Society

Posted by DaveVause Nov 1, 2008

today: 4.5 miles

week:  16.5 miles


I run with the Prince Georges Road Runners when I can.  I'm largely a solitary runner, quite comfortable logging 18 or 21 miles alone.  PG Runners is my chance to be social.  I run with the beginners to encourage them.  Beginning running is hard.  You have that non-stop mental chatter telling you  can't do this.  It magnifies the aches and pains, eventually making you think that if  you don't stop, you'll die.  If you don't stop, your mind synchronizes with your body.  You begin to appreciate what your body can really do.  You evolve to what your body was meant to be.


I was late and the groups had already set off on their runs.  I ran alone, occasionally passing a group.  In fall, at dawn, Greenbelt Park is a sea of red.


I came up on three does standing by the road.  They did not bother to move as I floated by, staring at me.  They were almost indistinguishable from their background, excepting their white tails. 


I joined PG Runners afterward, having coffee.  A young lady from Scotland, Eileen, and I traded impressions of Europe and the U.S.  So was another day in the life of a distance runner.

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