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Tu. 12/02/2008: Spirit

Posted by DaveVause Dec 2, 2008

today:   7 miles

week:    7 miles


I delivered Denise to the airport today, no run this morning.


So, this evening I came home after work, fed Sophie and Peanut and went straight down to the gym to run.  I just didn't want to do 41 F and dark, so it was fluorescent lights, the treadmill, and a very special movie on the LCD TV in the gym.


Watching "The Spirit of the Marathon" made the time on the treadmill invisible. I've thought that only someone who has completed a marathon could connect with this movie.  Yet, it can hold Denise in its thrall almost as much as me.  Perhaps this because she has vicariously lived through marathon training by living with me; perhaps because it resonates with her own 13.1 mile efforts.


The vagaries of the world ensure that success is as much dependent on forces beyond our control as forces within our grasp.  Success at the marathon is unusually dependent on the person making the effort.  Injuries are errors in training - over ambitious errors.  If you don't train enough, the distance will crush you.  The long, slow, steady build up of distance and speed is an exercise in restraint as well as determination and enthusiasm.  The resulting growth in strength is inescapable.


The individual can succeed in the marathon - never "match it" - by the due diligence of life spent in the single-minded pursuit of that goal.

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What I am about is making training for the marathon a lifestyle. Contemporary medical advice recommends 60 - 90 minutes a day of vigorous exercise. This is consistent with training for the marathon at the amateur level.

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