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Sa. 12/06/2007: Denise

Posted by DaveVause Dec 6, 2008

Day:     3 miles.

Week: 15 miles.


Denise came home from monthly trip to Tampa last night.  I'm coach to my wife and Quixotic marathoner to myself.  When I run with Denise, I'm coach.


I took Denise to the western end of the Washington-Baltimore-Annapolis Trail for a 3 miler this morning at 8 AM.  It was a "data collection point" for me.  We were at 18 F, light breeze.  Synthetic base layer and tights, synthetic jersey, light gloves and mitt shell were enough to keep me warm.  We were chilly running into the breeze going east, and worked up a small sweat going west.


It snowed this evening.  Its going to be a long winter.

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