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Su. 12/07/2008 - Test

Posted by DaveVause Dec 8, 2008

day: 21 miles

week: 36 miles


Yesterday, Denise mentioned that she had never run while the snow was falling.


It was 30F with a 19F windchill when Denise and I set out this morning.  The sky swung between snowy and stormy to bright blue sky.  We got a period of heavy snow.  I learned that snowflakes hitting your eyes in a strong wind can actually hurt. 


I took Denise on her 3 mile neighborhood lap, then did six more laps.  This rather pushed the envelope for me as my previous long run was 20 on a flat course in mild weather in Florida.  Nonetheless, the run went fairly easily and left me with only mild plantar fascia stress which was gone the next day.


At several points in the run, the wind would gust up the leaves and they'd run with me like tiny wood spirits.


Challenging, blustery, emotionally cleansing run.


To me, the amazing thing is that 2 or 3 years ago, this run would have been unthinkable.  The transformation of body as years of marathon training go by is itself amazing.  The transformation of mind is more so.

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