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Tu. 01/20/09: Auguries

Posted by DaveVause Jan 20, 2009

Today: 6

Week:  7

YTD:    tbd

15F / 9 WC


This morning displayed a breathtakingly beautiful cold winter dawn after many days of gray.  The eastern sky was ablaze in blues and pinks, punctuated by light gray clouds and mists.  The sliver moon floated above in a dark blue sky.  Our neighborhood was very quiet, the usual rush hour traffic completely missing.  It seems that all of Washington DC is poised and paused for a massive celebration.


I ran 3 miles with Denise, then another 3 alone.  In the cold, even the birds pass up their usual predawn chorus. 


I'm not sure if it is my mind or reality, but my perceived exertion is much higher when the temperature drops below the low 20s. 


In any event, training for the day accomplished.

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