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December 2007

More snow in Chicago

Posted by DavidMW Dec 17, 2007

Another Sunday morning with snow in Chicago.  Here are a few photos around the neighborhood...

First some coffee at the famous Intelligentsia, always winning awards including a mention I remember about a year ago in USA Today: Top 10 places to get coffee.  (map included)

Going into the Catholic Church on Belmont...

One great thing about walking around Chicago is looking at the different materials on the buildings.  In this photo, from left to right: aluminum siding, fake stone, and classic old-time brick and metal.  The fake stone is really wild.

Here is a photo of Clark and Roscoe with the train.  Nothing like a clear blue sky with snow on the ground.

As anyone living in Chicago knows, there are many bars that are aligned with an individual college, especially the Big Ten schools.  I always liked this place because they claim allegiance with not just one, but all the Big Ten schools, as well as the Cubs. 

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Lincoln Avenue on an icy morning

If anyone is looking to buy a place, this look like a nice place!

Close by is Dinkel's bakery, a great family bakery in the city.

Nearby is the Paulina Meat Market, where you can buy a nice dinner for most occasions.

Just up the street is Lincoln Square, a street of many stores and restaurants.  Many have a German influence.

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