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Road to Glory

July 25, 2011

Day 2

Posted by EPE09 Jul 25, 2011

Hey guys. As my status earlier read, I was debating to do something to put on the blog. I love the blog but I was just sore today from the last workouts I did. But I still decided to do something. I didn't go play basketball, but I did my yoga workout. Yoga, if you didn't know, helps the body and mind. I have 17 poses that I do, switching legs or arms each time. I did my yoga in about 15 minutes. Some of the poses I did were the Downward Facing Dog, The Tree, The Dancer and the Warrior 1 and 2. After, the workout, my mom found me a yoga book in a box of books she has. I will be studying that to find more poses to help me basketball related. (Example: Flexibilty). That was my basketball related day. Before I end this post, does anyone know soothe sore muscles? Any answer is helpful. Thanks for reading and tell your friends.



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