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Road to Glory

July 26, 2011

Day 3

Posted by EPE09 Jul 26, 2011

Hey guys. Back with Day 3 of my Road to Glory series. Today, I went to the gym and ran a mile on the treadmill and did a mile on the elliptical. I also did 25 lateral pull downs. Then I went to the park for 30 minutes. I know I didn't go for long because I left for the gym at 8:40 pm. But while I was at the park, I was productive. I worked on transition three pointers and transition mid range jumpers. I did a drill when I throw the ball off the backboard and grab it. I set out some cones at half court and some in a zig zag line near the three point line. (The side I was rebounding on.) After I grabbed the rebound, I spun off the first 3 cones then I crossed over to the left of right and took a three or mid range shot on the left or right. My mom timed me while I did the drill. She stopped the clock after the ball went in or hit the rim. I made a good 45% of my shots and I have improved my three a little and mid range a little more than my three. The best time when I shot on the left was 6.58 seconds and the best time when I shot on the right was 6.82. That was as a little bit of a shock to me but a good shock. The reason why I was shocked is because, even though I've improved greatly with my ball handling on the left side, I'm quicker with my right since it's my dominate hand. My post workout meal was some water, chicken, rice and mixed vegetables. The mixed vegetables were carrots, asparagus, corn niblets and green beans. The reason why I had the chicken was because it has protein, the reason because I had the rice was because it has carbs and the reason why I had the vegetables was because it has fiber and more carbs. Sorry this was a long post. Stay tuned and tell your friends. Thanks for reading.



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