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Road to Glory

August 3, 2011

Day 10 & 11

Posted by EPE09 Aug 3, 2011

Sorry for my absence, again. All I did on those days I didn't write, I was running around with my friends. But anyways, the last two days I have been playing basketball and working out. Yesterday, Day 10, I did the transition drill for about 30 minutes. Then I shot around for 20-30 minutes. I shot threes and mid range. I did good. I shot about 32% from three and 50% from mid. Today, Day 11, I focused all-round. At first, I shot all around. I did that for 25 minutes. Then I shot only threes for 20 minutes. I did, again, good from three. I shot from about 31%. Then I shot free throws. I shot really good even though I changed my free throw. I shot about 77% from the free throw lines. Also today, I did 25 sit ups and 50 curls. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned and tell your friends!



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