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Road to Glory

August 24, 2011

Day 31

Posted by EPE09 Aug 24, 2011

Hey guys. As my status reads, I'm back from Newport, OR. I had fun and got some exercise. But now I'm home. My mom wants me to start doing more dancing because it helps speed up my movements. I tried doing ballet when I was a little girl, but that didn't work. Ironically, that's I how started playing basketball. My brother was taking a basketball camp and after ballet class, I would aslo take the basketball from the boys and I wouldn't give it back. Anyways, so I danced for thrity minutes today. I did Latin dances. LOL. Yesterday, I did Latin dances for about an hour. I'm on puishment, extra chores and early bedtime, for the last day so I can finally go outside tomorrow. There might be thunderstorms tonight so I'll have to get ready if there are. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned and tell your friends.



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