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Road to Glory

August 27, 2011

NBA 2K12 pt. 2

Posted by EPE09 Aug 27, 2011

Hey guys. So earlier this morning, I was looking on Operation Sports for news about NBA 2K12. I found some. Operation Sports went to xbox360achievements and found the trophies. P.S. don't worry, my PS3 people, these achievements are for us too. Here is the link if you want to read it: For me, this reveals a lot for My Player mode, Association, NBA's Greatest Mode and etc. For My Player, it reveals that you can recieve contracts, be drafted in any spot, including the lottery, be inducted in the Hall of Fame and donate money to NBA Cares. Those are amazing features. I wanted them to get contracts because it just makes sense. Most NBA players base their decision for who they are going to play for by money. So that is a nice feature. For NBA Cares, I wanted a charity thing and that is nice to get because that's sorta an off court live thing and I know a LOT of people want that. For being one of  the lottery picks in the draft, I'm so happy that you can be drafted in those spots because last year, the highest you could be drafted was like 7th, even if you played better then John Wall, Evan Turner or Derrick Favors! For Hall of Fame, I almost fainted, LOL. So there is not a lot to say about that. For Association, it's seems like the same thing as last year, but you never know. For NBA's Greatest Mode, if you win 5 games, you get an achievement, if you win 10 games, you get an achievement and if you win all 15 games, you get an achievement. I think NBA 2K12 will sell over 5 million copies just because of the My Player mode and NBA's Greatest Mode. Thank you all for reading the whole thing. Stay tuned and tell your friends.



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