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Road to Glory

July 2011

Day 6

Posted by EPE09 Jul 29, 2011

Hey guys. I'm back. Sorry for my absence, but all I did on Day 4 and Day 5 was play outside with my friends for an hour of two. But anyway, today I did 50 situps on my workout ball, 30 pushups, 30 real situps and 15 curls. After that, I went to the park. I saw some of my basketball friends who were waiting to practice for a tournament with their coach. (These friends are a few years older than me.) So I shot around at first. I probably got up 50 shots consisting of threes, freethrows, mid range shot and some layups before I started practicing with them. We worked on pick and roll and pick and pop. We worked on that for about 35 minutes. We ran through that for three times then we switched defense to offense and so on. Then we did a scrimmage. We scrimmaged for 30 minutes then breaked and then scrimmaged for 20 more minutes. So I played basketball for an hour and 25 minutes. I would say that today was pretty productive. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned and tell your friends.



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Day 3

Posted by EPE09 Jul 26, 2011

Hey guys. Back with Day 3 of my Road to Glory series. Today, I went to the gym and ran a mile on the treadmill and did a mile on the elliptical. I also did 25 lateral pull downs. Then I went to the park for 30 minutes. I know I didn't go for long because I left for the gym at 8:40 pm. But while I was at the park, I was productive. I worked on transition three pointers and transition mid range jumpers. I did a drill when I throw the ball off the backboard and grab it. I set out some cones at half court and some in a zig zag line near the three point line. (The side I was rebounding on.) After I grabbed the rebound, I spun off the first 3 cones then I crossed over to the left of right and took a three or mid range shot on the left or right. My mom timed me while I did the drill. She stopped the clock after the ball went in or hit the rim. I made a good 45% of my shots and I have improved my three a little and mid range a little more than my three. The best time when I shot on the left was 6.58 seconds and the best time when I shot on the right was 6.82. That was as a little bit of a shock to me but a good shock. The reason why I was shocked is because, even though I've improved greatly with my ball handling on the left side, I'm quicker with my right since it's my dominate hand. My post workout meal was some water, chicken, rice and mixed vegetables. The mixed vegetables were carrots, asparagus, corn niblets and green beans. The reason why I had the chicken was because it has protein, the reason because I had the rice was because it has carbs and the reason why I had the vegetables was because it has fiber and more carbs. Sorry this was a long post. Stay tuned and tell your friends. Thanks for reading.



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Day 2

Posted by EPE09 Jul 25, 2011

Hey guys. As my status earlier read, I was debating to do something to put on the blog. I love the blog but I was just sore today from the last workouts I did. But I still decided to do something. I didn't go play basketball, but I did my yoga workout. Yoga, if you didn't know, helps the body and mind. I have 17 poses that I do, switching legs or arms each time. I did my yoga in about 15 minutes. Some of the poses I did were the Downward Facing Dog, The Tree, The Dancer and the Warrior 1 and 2. After, the workout, my mom found me a yoga book in a box of books she has. I will be studying that to find more poses to help me basketball related. (Example: Flexibilty). That was my basketball related day. Before I end this post, does anyone know soothe sore muscles? Any answer is helpful. Thanks for reading and tell your friends.



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Day 1

Posted by EPE09 Jul 24, 2011

On Day 1, I played for an hour. I shot mid range twos on the left and right, free throws and three pointers. I shot 400. I made 175. I had to change my free throw routine because at first, I was constantly missing. After I changed my free throw, I made 10 in a row and I started making more of my other shots. My jumpshot was pretty affective, a little more than in the season. I was making everything on the right but was struggling on the left a little bit as well. But still Day 1 was pretty affective. Stay tuned and tell your friends. Thanks for reading.


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About Me

Posted by EPE09 Jul 24, 2011

This is going to be the last post before I start posting a summaries of my basketball related day. But this post is basically about my basketball style. I'm am a 5th grade girl who is going to be a 6th grader after this summer. I am an all around Point/Shooting Guard. I like to push the ball up court, pass and score. I am also a great stealer and a suprisinglly great shot blocker. I averaged 12 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks. I am 5 foot, 105 pounds and have big feet and long arms and long legs. I am the team captain and I usually pump up the team. Now you now all about me, basketball wise. Stay tuned and tell your friends. Thanks.


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My Inspirations and Goals

Posted by EPE09 Jul 24, 2011

  Some of the female players I follow and study are Sue Bird, Swin Cash, Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, Becky Hammon and Courtney Vandersloot. I follow and study other players, but these are my favorite players and the ones that I always watch their teams games.  

  Yesterday, I wrote down some awards and accomplishments that I would like to recieve on and off the court. Some of them were honor roll for middle and high school, the Wade Trophy, Naismith College Player of the Year, Naismith High Prep Player of the Year, Lowes Senior CLASS award, Academic All-American and Rhode Scholar. I am defiantely ready to work for these awards. Stay tuned and tell your friends. Thanks.



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Posted by EPE09 Jul 24, 2011

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." -Kevin Durant

"When I grow up, I want to be a basketball player or work at Home Depot." -Me (At Kindergarten graduation)

All my life, I've played basketball. Since I've heard of the WNBA, I've wanted to be in the league. Since I've seen women's college basketball, I wanted to play at that age and be a legend. This is my blog that I will post on about my basketball goals and my progess on that day. Stay tuned, and tell your friends. Also, give me feedback.


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