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Road to Glory

September 2011

Day 35-39

Posted by EPE09 Sep 3, 2011

Hey guys. iHoops is back up. The last week I have been working out except Tuesday. My workout on Monday was 50 squats, 50 calf raises, half a mile on the treadmill, half a mile on the elliptical and 50 lateral pulldowns. On Wednesday, I walked almost a mile with my mom and my brother. My Uncle also told me something to do to improve my vertical leap. He said to jump up the stairs one by one and to jump up and down the curb, facing the same way the whole time. I didn't do it on Wednesday, but I did it Thursday. My goal was for Thursday, was to hop up the stairs 5 times. (There are about 15-20 stairs on the staircase.) And jump up and down the curb 20 times. I reached my goal on the jumps and I walked almost another mile with my mom and brother. On Friday, my mom, brother and I took a half mile walk and walked around the paved path at our park. I'm planning to workout today and post but I just wanted to put out a post. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned and tell your friends.



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