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Posted by Edgymama Jun 30, 2009

I completed W2D1 FINALLY yesterday after not doing any jogging for 2 weeks! This made me very nervous but it went really well. The stress relief the jogs are giving me are fabulous and I am excited for my Wednesday session already!


I did it again on treadmill and at this point I just cannot see myself moving it outside anytime soon. I am just not confident in my body or stride enough. I would feel like I was getting my stride pretty good then all of a sudden feel like a clumsy ox on this walk/jog.



I also cannot see myself completing the 5k I was planning on doing on August 1st so may just have to sign up to walk that one but we shall see....



Need to download the rest of Ullreys podcasts as they work so great. My own zune should be arriving this week in the post as well which is exciting! Still need to get arm band for it though as well.



I did figure out my most comfortable running/walking uniform to be yoga style pants, a sports bra, and a slim fitting tank top. Tshirts seem to just not flow good and I feel tangled. I now own a wopping 4 sportsbras (cheapies and 2 are old ones but got 2 fresh ones) luckily I am not large chested so I can get away going cheap in this area. I only have the one pair of fave yoga pants though so may need some new ones of those to add to collection soon as well as new tanks to wear. My sneakers and new socks I got are doing good too but again new sneakers are def in the future since I really want to go to a running store to get properly fitted.



My friend sent me the Barrys Bootcamp workout dvds with resistance bands and the bean/ball thing to work out with so I am planning on incorporating these workouts next week too to help me build more muscle and confidence in my body.



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W1D3 Completed!

Posted by Edgymama Jun 15, 2009

Completed day 3 of the C25K on Sunday (6/14/09)and it felt great! Still using treadmill and it is doing good. Treadmill said I did 1.81 miles this time in the 30 minutes. So I am slowly increasing which is very uplifting! My omron pedometer said it was only 1.55 though so may be off a bit but I am just happy to see distance increasing.


Week 2 will start on Tuesday which I am excited and nervous about! The 90 second intervals might be more of a challenge but I am up for it! I got a bad sun burn on Sunday though so hoping the pain from that is gone before I have a sportsbra on rubbing on it!


My friends are being very supportive as well and said I will truly be digging this program once I notice how much better my clothes will fit etc! I am truly ready to turn this body into a more sculpted one! Bring on the 5k!


Week 2 here I come!

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W1D2 completed on 6/11/09

Posted by Edgymama Jun 12, 2009

Well I did it! It was successful and I actually made it a bit farther despite me thinking otherwise! Treadmill said 1.75 miles in the 30 minutes this time (that is including the brisk walk at the begining and the cool down walk at the end).


I also had a friend text me saying she was proud of me for taking this on and that she would for sure do a 5k with me in August so the pressure is now on! I just want to be able to complete it that is my goal for this August!!!


I have my final day of week 1 on Saturday. I plan to walk again tonight just with the hubby and doggy. We usually do a good 2 to 3 mile walk so I figure this would be great for my in between jog days.



I also have a wish list started of running gear LOL. On this list is:





  • green zune (most likely the 8 gig one) (right now using the hubbys and I hate scrolling through all his junk!)

  • arm band for the zune

  • new socks

  • new shoes maybe around week 6 as would love to get my foot evaluated to see what type of sneaker I truly should be wearing!

  • some new workout wear in general especially the longer style sportsbras I could wear on their own


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Posted by Edgymama Jun 9, 2009

June 9th 2009


Here it is a blog to document this journey. A journey I WILL finish! A journey that will hopefully make me gain a love for running and a love embracing a healthier me!



Starting weight right around 180...I am only 5'2 and a half inches tall so this weight is NOT acceptable. I also started calorie watching today and plan to stay under 1500 a day and around 1200 if possible! I plan to also take measurements now and then again at end of the 9 weeks.



First walk/jog was on a treadmill because my self conscience self just couldn't get outside quite yet. I am thinking if I complete the journey I will then attempt to do the journey all over again outside!



First two jogs of the run I felt very heavy and clumpy and just overall depressed about my body and how it felt in motion. I am most comfortable in my skin around 130 to 140 and even then I remember wanting to lose a little so right now have been very down on myself.



But then I kept telling myself I could do this and I would do this. I was feeling much better over next jog sessions. At the end I felt really great! I CAN do this I WILL do this!



Tonight I did walk sessions at 3.0 mph and jog sessions at 4.0 to 4.5 mph. I have a short stride so it is going to take me a bit to work up to the 6.0 mph that will get me that magic 3 mile in 30 min mark but again...I CAN do this! I used Robert Ullrey's podcast for week 1 and it worked great! Treadmill said I went 1.63 miles (I plan to wear my omron pedometer next session as forgot to wear it tonight!).



Overall first session was very DO-ABLE people! NOT that scary and as long as you truly take your time and do it at a pace comfortable for yourself you too can do this!!!



Day 2 I plan to try and do all jog sessions at the 4.5 or hopefully even at 5.0 mph.



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