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Posted by Edgymama on Jun 9, 2009 5:35:51 PM

June 9th 2009


Here it is a blog to document this journey. A journey I WILL finish! A journey that will hopefully make me gain a love for running and a love embracing a healthier me!



Starting weight right around 180...I am only 5'2 and a half inches tall so this weight is NOT acceptable. I also started calorie watching today and plan to stay under 1500 a day and around 1200 if possible! I plan to also take measurements now and then again at end of the 9 weeks.



First walk/jog was on a treadmill because my self conscience self just couldn't get outside quite yet. I am thinking if I complete the journey I will then attempt to do the journey all over again outside!



First two jogs of the run I felt very heavy and clumpy and just overall depressed about my body and how it felt in motion. I am most comfortable in my skin around 130 to 140 and even then I remember wanting to lose a little so right now have been very down on myself.



But then I kept telling myself I could do this and I would do this. I was feeling much better over next jog sessions. At the end I felt really great! I CAN do this I WILL do this!



Tonight I did walk sessions at 3.0 mph and jog sessions at 4.0 to 4.5 mph. I have a short stride so it is going to take me a bit to work up to the 6.0 mph that will get me that magic 3 mile in 30 min mark but again...I CAN do this! I used Robert Ullrey's podcast for week 1 and it worked great! Treadmill said I went 1.63 miles (I plan to wear my omron pedometer next session as forgot to wear it tonight!).



Overall first session was very DO-ABLE people! NOT that scary and as long as you truly take your time and do it at a pace comfortable for yourself you too can do this!!!



Day 2 I plan to try and do all jog sessions at the 4.5 or hopefully even at 5.0 mph.



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