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W1D3 Completed!

Posted by Edgymama on Jun 15, 2009 5:29:54 AM

Completed day 3 of the C25K on Sunday (6/14/09)and it felt great! Still using treadmill and it is doing good. Treadmill said I did 1.81 miles this time in the 30 minutes. So I am slowly increasing which is very uplifting! My omron pedometer said it was only 1.55 though so may be off a bit but I am just happy to see distance increasing.


Week 2 will start on Tuesday which I am excited and nervous about! The 90 second intervals might be more of a challenge but I am up for it! I got a bad sun burn on Sunday though so hoping the pain from that is gone before I have a sportsbra on rubbing on it!


My friends are being very supportive as well and said I will truly be digging this program once I notice how much better my clothes will fit etc! I am truly ready to turn this body into a more sculpted one! Bring on the 5k!


Week 2 here I come!

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