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Posted by Edgymama on Jun 30, 2009 10:23:21 AM

I completed W2D1 FINALLY yesterday after not doing any jogging for 2 weeks! This made me very nervous but it went really well. The stress relief the jogs are giving me are fabulous and I am excited for my Wednesday session already!


I did it again on treadmill and at this point I just cannot see myself moving it outside anytime soon. I am just not confident in my body or stride enough. I would feel like I was getting my stride pretty good then all of a sudden feel like a clumsy ox on this walk/jog.



I also cannot see myself completing the 5k I was planning on doing on August 1st so may just have to sign up to walk that one but we shall see....



Need to download the rest of Ullreys podcasts as they work so great. My own zune should be arriving this week in the post as well which is exciting! Still need to get arm band for it though as well.



I did figure out my most comfortable running/walking uniform to be yoga style pants, a sports bra, and a slim fitting tank top. Tshirts seem to just not flow good and I feel tangled. I now own a wopping 4 sportsbras (cheapies and 2 are old ones but got 2 fresh ones) luckily I am not large chested so I can get away going cheap in this area. I only have the one pair of fave yoga pants though so may need some new ones of those to add to collection soon as well as new tanks to wear. My sneakers and new socks I got are doing good too but again new sneakers are def in the future since I really want to go to a running store to get properly fitted.



My friend sent me the Barrys Bootcamp workout dvds with resistance bands and the bean/ball thing to work out with so I am planning on incorporating these workouts next week too to help me build more muscle and confidence in my body.



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