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New adiZero Crazy Lights

Posted by EricYo Jun 2, 2011


Lightweight has been all the craze in the shoe industry for the past 2 years or so, and every shoe company has joined the movement.  History has shown us that the lightweight silo has been the primary focus for running shoes.  But basketball players stepped in and said "why not us?".  Typically people thought basketball shoes needed to be heavy and comprised of leather, in order to withstand the weight and punishment put on them from heavier players.  Not anymore, times have changed and players styles have evolved and the demand for a lighter and faster shoes has been all the hype. Well my friends, adidas has broke the mold.  What do you think of when I say 9.8?  9.8, that sounds like a good 100m time right? Nope.  Well the unemployment rate was once 9.8% earlier in the year, is that what your talking about? No, not that either.  Let me let you in on a little secret, 9.8 is how many ounces the new adiZero Crazy lights weigh!  That might not seem like crazy amount to you, but just realize that there are hardly any running sneakers out there that weigh that much. That's "Crazy" light, no pun intended.


The shoe has a lot of new innovations such as SPIRITSKIN and SPIRITWEB.  These innovations are the makeup of the construction to the upper in order to provide a secure and lockdown fit while still maintaining the lightweight feel.  The SPIRITWEB design was inspired by nature.  Designer Robbie Fuller explained he was experimenting with many different design structures for the upper when one day at home he was watching a spiderweb withstand high winds and never break or falter. This is where the "web" design you see comes from, pretty simple huh?  To help with the lockdown feel you have an external heel counter along with TORSION for midfoot guidance and support.  Put all those ingredients in a bowl, and mix it.  What you come up with is the brand new adiZero Crazy Light basketball shoe. Enjoy!

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AJ "White Cement" III's

Posted by EricYo Jan 19, 2011

This Saturday is the much anticipated release of the White Cement III's.  The last time this shoe was released was back in 2003, and this is the 4th time this shoes has hit the shelves, including the original release back in 1987.  The III's have a lot of history behind them, in my opinion, more than any other retro that has been made.  We were introduced to Tinker Hatefield for the first time as a Jordan designer, as he would go on and help design the III-XV's.  We were also introduced to the famous "elephant" print, and lastly, the III's were the first Jordan with a visible air sole unit in the heel.  The III's were also the first mid-top Jordan, since the I and II's were high-tops.  Hope you enjoy!


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Derrick Rose's adiZero's

Posted by EricYo Oct 1, 2010

With the new hoops season upon us, it's that time of the year again when superstar athletes show upgraded versions of their last years signature series.  Although, for Derrick Rose, there is no upgrade necessary.  This year will mark Rose's first signature series of his young and talented career.  There are many new and innovative features in this shoe, but the most important is the fact that it only weighs 12.8 oz!  For those of you who don't know the significance of shoe weight's, 12.8 oz is about the same as a typical running shoe.  Traditionally, basketball sneaks are heavy and still are compared to running and lifestyle sneakers.  But adidas was able to make and ultra light-weight and fast basketball sneaker durable enough for Derrick Rose.


Some of the other features include an adaptable collar so Derrick, or you, can wear the adiZero's with or without ankle braces.  It also features a multi-directional pattern on the bottom, better know as Cilia Traction.  It traction has two different heights, just in case one wears down, the other one is there to back it up and keep great traction on the hardwood.  SPIRITSKIN is something that was added to the shoe on the medial side that allowed for greater speed by creating lightweight shell on that side of the foot.  Some people might think that with a lighter shoe, how can you still provide a durable and stable shoe so that the player wont twist his ankles?  Easy, that's where adidas TORSION SYSTEM comes in.  adidas has redesigned the TORSION SYSTEM to make it lighter and provides a safer rotation to the ankle.


All in all, it really seems that adidas has come out with a pretty solid basketball sneaker, creating a super light-weight ball sneak that will help make you faster and make you lighter on your feet all game long.  It's time to lace em' up and run circles around your oppenents all season long.


121805 ls 03 W090.JPG

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adidas Party

Posted by EricYo Aug 31, 2010

Last week I attended an adidas party in Center City Philadelphia at Ubiq, a sneaker store in the heart of the city.  Even though this has nothing to do with basketball, I thought it was a pretty cool event to be at in a pretty cool sneaker boutique.  adidas had some $150 Superstars on sale that were being sold to the party go'ers, along with a DJ and plenty of other cool stuff going on.  For those of you readers that reside in the Philly area, Ubiq is definitely a store that you should look up.  Even though the bulk of the sneaks they sell are for fashion, they do carry cool colors in the new Hyperfuses and they carry most new Jordan's.




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adidas Pro Model 2010

Posted by EricYo Aug 19, 2010


This is the fourth installment of the Pro Model line presented to us by adidas.  With working in retail, I can tell you this is one of the most popular basketball sneaks in the Philadelphia since their arrival.  This years version still has many similarities as years past with the patent leather upper and shell top toe box.  The one major reason why this shoe is popular is that adidas gives you the option to be able to change the color of the 3 stripes to match the colors of your teams uni's.  The one major difference this year is the outsole and midsole.  This years version mimics the outsole of the TS Supernatural making the 2010's more flexible and comfortable than years before. This post is pretty much cut and dry, this is just a great shoe at a great price, and you can find these at all major retailers at your local mall.

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Some Sneaker Terminology

Posted by EricYo Aug 3, 2010

This is a quick little post on some of the terminology when it comes to sneakers.  I've either used these or will in the future, so hopefully this helps you understand some of the abbreviations, and not get lost in the post.


PE=Player's Exclusive

GR=General Release(Will be able to buy at most retailers)

QS=Quick Strike(Limited Release, usually only found in sneaker boutiques)

Colorway=The color scheme used on the shoe

OG=Original(Used the same color and design when it was originally released)

SE=Special Edition

Sneakerhead=Somebody who collects sneaks

Retro=A re-release of an past sneaker


Quick question...


Would you guys/gals like me to talk about other shoes and not just basketball sneaks?

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For all the females out there, this post is for you.  The Los Angeles Sparks star Candace Parker has now joined the likes of Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoopes, Cynthia Cooper and Dawn Staley as one of the only women ball players to have their own signature sneaker line.  Currently Candace's sneaker is the only women's signature series on the market.  There are a tons of details all over this sneaker, starting with the Purple/Yellow/White color scheme, to match her teams uni's of course.  The commercial TS Ace edition came out in Black and Blue.  Her nickname "Ace" is stitched on the side of the shoe up near the ankle.  The upper is a synthetic leather with Sparks detailing in yellow all throughout the upper.  The strap going across the top of the shoe is closer to the foot than traditional straps to give Candace a more supportive fit and feel.  Finally, the paint pattern on the outsole represents Skittles, which is Candace's favorite candy.  It's good to have a sneaker out there that the female ball players can go out and get, especially if they are a Candace fan and follower.


View her story and see pics of the new shoe here:

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Nike Hyperfuse...

Posted by EricYo Aug 3, 2010



Nike does it again.  The Hyperfuse is the newest ball sneak that Nike has brought onto the scene, and from what people are saying, its their best yet.  The inspiration for this shoe comes from the rugged street ball play in China. This shoes gives you all you need in a basketball sneaker, its has the durability, breathability, all the while keeping it as lightweight as possible.  The NIke Hyperfuse has a superior stability layer, breathable mesh layer, and a tough durable outer layer.  These layers are all "fused"ed together by using a new, innovative method of manufacturing.  This method eliminates the need to stitch layers of a sneaker together, and this has definitely changed the way sneakers are made.  The Hyoerfuse also features Zoom Air cushioning for a responsive and comfortable ride.  The picture above is the collection created for some of the teams that are playing this year at the FIBA World Championships.  Also click on the YouTube video and take a closer look at the new HYPERFUSE.


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1917-The first ever basketball shoe was the original Chuck Taylor.  With it's canvas upper and thick rubber sole, the Converse All-Stars dominated the basketball scene from for over 40 years.  The first time that rubber hit the gym floor was in 1921 and has gone on to become the best selling sneaker ever, selling over 600 million pairs worldwide to date.


1972-Nike introduced the first ball sneak with a swoosh on the side, the Nike Blazer.  The Blazer was made famous by George Gervin, better known as "The Iceman", ever since than Nike would go on to dominate the Basketball courts.


Mid-Late 70's-Puma made their way into the market, and Clyde Frasier was one of the first to rock his own line of signature low-tops.  Towards the end of the decade Converse brought out a new-look design and teamed up with Dr. J.  Then Magic Johnson and Larry Bird came along and started to wear Converse Weapons, as they created the best on and off the court rivalry the game has ever seen.


1983-Nike introduced the Air Force 1, the first basketball sneaker with an air sole unit in it.  Ever since Air was introduced the shoe game has never been the same.


1984-The year the shoe game changed forever, both on and off the court.  A young rookie steps on the floor for the first time and sneaker nerds everywhere were born.  I don't think I need to tell you guys and gals who that rookie was.


Late 80's-adidas becomes a mainstay on the court when Patrick Ewing dons his own line called "The EWINGS".  Wonder where he got the name for that line...


1989-Reebok produces "The Pump" and tries to one-up Nike by allowing the consumer to "pump" air into the shoe by repeatedly pressing a basketball on the tounge of the shoe.  Nike then tries to produce there own version of the Pump by creating the "Air Pressure", unfortunately they did not have the luck that Reebok did.


1994-1999-That rookie I talked about earlier has already retired and Nike is forced to push signature lines for other NBA players.  In comes Barkley, Pippen, Penny, and Reggie.  The Barkley's were by far the most popular since Jordan retired, they surpassed Jordan's not only in price, but in functionality, design, technology and popularity.  Reebok also found their player in Iverson and created their own line for him.


2000-After years and years of R&D, Nike finally came out with Shox technology.  Their main guy to wear these new shoes, none other than the high-flying dunk machine, Vince Carter.


Present Day


Every major company has somebody somewhere wearing their kicks, some players more famous than others.  Every year a newer, sleeker sneaker comes out that is an upgrade from the older one, and every once in awhile a company will come out with a new innovation, and it changes the game.  Wether its Nike and their introduction of Flywire, or Reebok and the new Zig technology, somebody out there will invent something newer and cooler and the game will never be the same.  Who will be next? You?

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Lebron VIII's

Posted by EricYo Jul 8, 2010

Ok so now we know who LeBron is going to play for and fortunately for him he doesn't have to change the colorways of his famed sneaker line.  He can still use the black and red that he almost always chooses to use on his sneaks.  So enough of that, the LeBron VII's will be dropping very soon this year and they use some of the same features as the VII's do.  The VIII's still have  the full Air Max unit, and Flywire is still used on the upper in order to reduce weight all the while providing support.  A new feature to this series is the carbon panels infused with Flywire adds just a little more flash this year.


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After the re-releases of the "Eggplant" and "Copper" colorways of the sought after Foamposite One's earlier this year, Nike brings you the "Cough Drop" Foamposite One and the re-release of the "Pearl" Foamposite Pro later this year.  The "Cough Drops" drop this June, and there is no set release date for the "Pearls" yet.  While there have already been 2 Foamposite One releases this year, the Pearl Pro's are the first Pro's to be re-released this year.  The difference between the two is that the Pro's (Pearl) have a Swoosh on the side while the "Cough Drops" don't.  Which do you prefer?  Traditionally this shoe has been popluar to all the sneaker fiends out there, but if you have never tried this shoe on, it fits like a glove.  They can be a bit on the heavy side, but these are some of the most comfortable sneaks I've ever tried on.  Find out for yourself!



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Posted by EricYo Apr 29, 2010

It's been asked for, so I'll write about them.  The KD2's, for those of you who may not know, are the shoes worn by the up-and-coming star, Kevin Durant.  Although I can't really say he's up-and-coming after the year he has had, he's already solidified himself as one of the best players in the NBA.  The KD line has been very popular since their birth into the sneaker world.  Although this is only the second series, they have become a fan favorite.  They are not only stylish but the price point is a lot more affordable for the younger kids out there who may not be able to afford $160 for Lebron VII's.  A couple key product features include a mesh tongue for breathability, a full zoom sole to provide ultimate comfort and a strap located across the forefoot to provide a lockdown support and feel.  Something that has been causing a lot of conversation on the web is the new colorway of the KD2's.  It's only fitting that the new colorway is the exact same colors of the team the Thunder are currently playing in the first round of the playoffs, that's right the Lakers!  But hold on! The colors actually represent the colors of his AAU team he used to play on, the PG Jaguars.  But wouldn't it be something if he decided to bring these out for Game 6 on his home court? Talk about drama!  Although I highly doubt he would do something like that, it's always nice to dream.  I am not a Laker fan at all but I definitely like this colorway.  What do you think?


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It's YOUR turn!

Posted by EricYo Apr 27, 2010

I want to turn the attention to all the viewers out there, and ask you guys and gals, what do you want me to talk about next.  Is there a favorite shoe out there? Or a question about a certain sneaker? Do you want to know what's the hottest new sneaker(s) that will drop this spring/summer? I'm turning it over to YOU! That's right you heard me, YOU have the open forum to talk about anything that has to do with sneaks!  I look forward to some good conversation.

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It's all about the LUNAR!

Posted by EricYo Apr 27, 2010

We all need to stay in good shape, wether it's for the court or just for general interests, well we at least we would like too.  But for all you bballers out there, it's never a choice to stay in good shape, it's a necessity.  Now doing suicides on the court in your ball sneaks are just fine, but sometimes your need to do some extra cardio outside of the gym, and ball sneaks are not the way to go.  You need a true running sneak to give your body the best possible workout.  Nike has been using a certain foam in almost all of their new true running shoes.  It's called "Lunar" Foam, and it is the lightest foam Nike has ever used!  You might think, well why is it called Lunar?  Well that's an easy explanation, the foam shares some off of the same materials that are used in the seats of NASA's space shuttles.  The explanation is easier than the process, it took almost 4 years to develop, but the wait was well worth it.  There are so many more styles of shoes with Lunar Foam than I can count, but in my opinion the newest is their best yet.  It's called Lunar Fly.  I actually own a pair and that is my choice of sneak to run in.  There are many different colorways available at all major shoe retailers, in both men's and women's.  So make sure that you are all running in sneaks that are actually made for running or your body will suffer down the road, and there is only one way to find out.  GO OUT AND TRY ON A PAIR, AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF WHAT LUNAR FOAM IS ALL ABOUT!


                    Men's Version                                                   Women's Version

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Superman wears adidas! If that isn't the endorsement of a life-time, then I don't know what is.  Well not the actual Superman, this one isn't a fictional character, he's as real as it comes although sometimes he looks like he's actually flying.  This Superman is still a heck of an endorsement.  I'm talking about Dwight Howard of course.  Howard is one of the many players associated with the "Brotherhood" as adidas likes to call their group of endorsed players.  Others include Derrick Rose, Tim Duncan, Josh Smith, Chauncey Billups, and even WNBA star, Candace Parker.  adidas is the official supplier of the NBA.  The most popular editions of the the TS line of adidas basketball sneaks are the TS Supernatural Commander and TS Supernatural Creator.  With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner adidas is going to debut it's holiday version of the Commander and Creator.  The difference between the 2 is that the Creator has gold clovers while the commander has green clovers.  Holidays always bring out special editions of popular sneakers lines, some past some present, and this year adidas did their best version of recognizing the Irish holiday with their most popular ball sneaks on the market. What do you think?

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