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New adiZero Crazy Lights

Posted by EricYo on Jun 2, 2011 8:05:50 PM


Lightweight has been all the craze in the shoe industry for the past 2 years or so, and every shoe company has joined the movement.  History has shown us that the lightweight silo has been the primary focus for running shoes.  But basketball players stepped in and said "why not us?".  Typically people thought basketball shoes needed to be heavy and comprised of leather, in order to withstand the weight and punishment put on them from heavier players.  Not anymore, times have changed and players styles have evolved and the demand for a lighter and faster shoes has been all the hype. Well my friends, adidas has broke the mold.  What do you think of when I say 9.8?  9.8, that sounds like a good 100m time right? Nope.  Well the unemployment rate was once 9.8% earlier in the year, is that what your talking about? No, not that either.  Let me let you in on a little secret, 9.8 is how many ounces the new adiZero Crazy lights weigh!  That might not seem like crazy amount to you, but just realize that there are hardly any running sneakers out there that weigh that much. That's "Crazy" light, no pun intended.


The shoe has a lot of new innovations such as SPIRITSKIN and SPIRITWEB.  These innovations are the makeup of the construction to the upper in order to provide a secure and lockdown fit while still maintaining the lightweight feel.  The SPIRITWEB design was inspired by nature.  Designer Robbie Fuller explained he was experimenting with many different design structures for the upper when one day at home he was watching a spiderweb withstand high winds and never break or falter. This is where the "web" design you see comes from, pretty simple huh?  To help with the lockdown feel you have an external heel counter along with TORSION for midfoot guidance and support.  Put all those ingredients in a bowl, and mix it.  What you come up with is the brand new adiZero Crazy Light basketball shoe. Enjoy!

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