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The List

Posted by ErinH on Nov 21, 2007 3:49:00 AM

I've found that when you move somewhere you have the best of intentions for fully taking advantage of all the activities to do, sights to see, landmarks to visit. You tell all your friends and family about all the amazing trips you'll be taking to said locations/landmarks/activities. And then you move and don't see a darn thing. It's funny, because when you go on vacation you see/do a lot in a limited amount of time. But in your own backyard? Not so much.


With that being said, I have put together a list in and around NYC so that I will a) remember all the stuff I want to do while I'm here and b) be motivated to go and do it on the weekends that I'm not traveling. Some of its touristy NY stuff that I just haven't had the patience to stand in line for, others are very random things I've just gotten in my head to go do. Just to give you an idea of what the list entails:



Adventure races upstate

Hockey game

Roosevelt Island Tram

Camping upstate


Hiking on Staten Island

Mohonk- camping, biking

Block Island

Bronx Botanical Garden

Jumping on the beds/riding elevators in Marriott Times Square

Governors Island

Kayaking downtown

That big sailboat cruise thingie

Bike ride around Manhattan

NYC Marathon

Doing 2 triathlons this summer (NYC and Montauk?)

World's Fair

Bronx Zoo

Coney Island

X The Cloisters



So to get started on this list, we took an expedition to the Cloisters. It was perfect fall weather and the trees are finally changing so we got a nice hike in as well in Ft. Tyron park. The cloisters themselves are amazing, both in terms of the artifacts they preserve and the buildings they're housed in. Plus you get a great view of the GW bridge.





About the pics below: first, let me say that the ISO function on the camera that's made for taking pics without flash in low light is amazing. Playing with this function let me take so many great pics that I had a hard time choosing. The GPS was fine outside, but took a bit to find a signal. Not sure if this was due to the tree cover or the day or what, but it was finicky. When I got the unit, I was disappointed to learn that it didn't work inside. However, when I got home and uploaded my pics it mapped the last GPS point the unit recorded before going inside with all the pics I took while I was in the building. I was actually able to map all the pics, including those inside.













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