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Christmas lights and windows in NY

Posted by ErinH on Dec 3, 2007 7:47:00 PM


Sunday brought the first snowfall to NYC. Only around an inch, but very pretty.  It's always a mixed bag of emotions when this happens, because although it gets me in the spirit of the season, it also reminds me just how far behind I am on my holiday shopping. Took the GPS on a little walk around the city this week to see the store windows. I found that it had a hard time in Midtown where the buildings were close together. I ended up almost in the street with my arm up in the air trying to get it to receive satellite coverage. Fortunately it's NY and there were so many people around that I got just a few sideways glances. Here are the highlights from Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle, Bergdorf and Bloomingdales. You can't pay me money to get near Rockefeller Center in December, and I avoid Macy's if at all possible. Uptown is nice during the week and in the evening though.



You can view my pics on the map here as the computer is having issues and dosen't want to upload the interactive version.














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