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Birthday week

Posted by ErinH on Jan 8, 2008 7:27:21 PM

The only good part about having a birthday during the middle of the week is it gives you a good excuse to celebrate for a solid 7 days. I was so fortunate this year, and my friends have been aiding me in celebrating for days. Thanks guys!


My favorite bars are the total NY dives. For example, Welcome to the Johnson's boasts the plastic- covered couches, old green fridge, family portraits and wood paneling on the walls, and $2 PBR. The clear winner in NY Dive Bars is Rudy's, however. With a duct tape covered seating, free hot dogs and popcorn, and a juke box that will never play the songs you paid for, it offers up $7 pitchers to the most eclectic gatherings I have seen here. Danny and JB and I went out on Friday and were thoroughly entertained by the making out couples, the regulars, and the otherwise sketchy patrons of this lovely establishment.


Saturday I met up with Janine and Tara and we went to our favorite cheap Indian restaurant, Panna II. Seriously, every time we go here we are amazed at how a) good and b) inexpensive it is. We then spent forever trying to find a decent bar. They were too crowded, smelled of something nasty, scarily empty... we just wanted a decent bar!


Sunday I had brunch with Vanessa at my favorite spot by the house- Nonna. We agree that when you come back from being in Arkansas, sometimes you have to be as New York as possible, so we had bagels with lox and cream cheese. Yummm. That night was the premier of the greatest show ever... American Gladiators! I used to dork out over this in high school, and am thrilled that it's back on the air. Mar and I watched the end of the Titans game and the two hour premier and had her delish spaghetti bolognese.


Great start to the week, and it's not even my birthday yet! You can see my trek below (with the exception of Mar's and Nonna). Click to see a close up of the pics.





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