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Marathon Weekend

Posted by ErinH Nov 7, 2007

This weekend was the NYC Marathon as well as the Olympic Trials in Central Park. Luckily I've just moved uptown, so it was literally in my backyard. I took the GPS unit and camera out to see how things worked. The GPS was simple to turn on- it blinks once slowly if its picking up enough satellites to map your location, and twice in rapid succession if not. It seemed to take a few minutes to get everything together, but honestly once I clipped it on my bag I forgot it was there.


The camera I'm using is a Sony DSC-W80, so I wanted to get used to the settings. It seemed to have every mode in the world except action shots, as you can see from some of the pics. Still working on that one. I was really surprised by how well the colors turned out once I uploaded the pics. Makes me look like a pretty good photographer, which is exactly what I want from a point and shoot!


The Olympic trials were amazing- guys running amazing times on this hilly Central Park course in some pretty cold and windy temperatures. Take a look at the screenshot below and you can get an idea of how the images display on the map as you upload.




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