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Cold water wetsuit swim tip by Gale Bernhardt 1 year ago
High Anxiety and Pscyhopath Can be Good by Gale Bernhardt cycling, leadville_trail_100_mountain_bike_race, skiing, skating, dave_wiens, breckenridge, olympian, high_anxiety, psychopath, eric_heiden, skier 1 year ago
Accountability and your energy bank balance by Gale Bernhardt 1 year ago
Intermittent exposure to altitude – any benefit? Yes. by Gale Bernhardt training, race, leadville, colorado, mountain_bike, lt100, frisco, 100_miles 1 year ago
One of the most remarkable athletes on the planet by Gale Bernhardt 1 year ago
Do not confuse data logging with self-coaching  by Gale Bernhardt triathlete, runner, cyclist, self-coached 2 years ago
Evaluate what is going right and keep it by Gale Bernhardt 2 years ago
Swimming and running markers have improved –why not the bike? by Gale Bernhardt training, triathlon, bike, run, swim, plan, half-ironman, improvement 2 years ago
A secret about top athletes by Gale Bernhardt training, secrets 2 years ago
Why use a combination of heart rate and power? by Gale Bernhardt altitude, power, heart_rate 2 years ago
Guilt from skipping workouts by Gale Bernhardt guilt_skipping_a_workout 2 years ago
Spring racing in heat and humidity      by Gale Bernhardt training, and, racing, heat, humidity, acclimitization 2 years ago
Confused on training recommendations by Gale Bernhardt cycling, triathlon, mountain_bike, different_types_of_training 2 years ago
Do you have tips or suggestion for a teen triathlete?  by Gale Bernhardt teen_tri 2 years ago
Is downhill skiing aerobic or all anaerobic? Take a look at the data file. by Gale Bernhardt skiing, anaerobic, downhill, aerobic, alpine 2 years ago
Is your head, power, pace or weight training numbers limiting your success? by Gale Bernhardt training, power, zones 2 years ago
Estes Park or Bust Challenge – What Drives People to Participate? by Gale Bernhardt park, trophies, elk, bust, estes, estes_or_, turd 2 years ago
Your memory is untrustworthy - maybe 30% by Gale Bernhardt training, log 2 years ago
One Goal, One Week – Week 1 by Gale Bernhardt 2 years ago
Just an endurance exercise junkie looking for justification? by Gale Bernhardt endurance, to, health, exercise, longevity, detrimental 2 years ago