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My beef is that we trust our children’s coaches as their trainers.  My perfectly healthy and very athletic son, was a part of an extraordinary amount of military up downs, (going from standing to a push up position and knees in back to standing) during which he hurt his perfectly healthy shoulder in October and it still bothers him during his favorite sport of baseball in June, it has never been the same! 
So what is going on??
What you should be aware of is that the people coaching your kids are college students, math teachers, and maintenance men, with minimal teaching and testing in conditioning.  Have you ever been to
your kid’s football or soccer practice? They run your kids and put them through punishing up downs as a rite of passage and a memory from their past.  What you do not know is that most of them are NOT qualified to train your kids and do not even have CPR training.  Schools pull teachers whose only experience is high school play back in their day.  Your children are coming home with wrong information on how to stretch, train for their sport and actually get better! They run and learn plays and they are not being developed as athletes, as a matter of fact they are getting hurt because their coaches are not trained trainers or physical education teacher not even close!!
Who coaches your kids?   Is it  a disgruntled old varsity player who never played or trained a day after 12th grade or a Father stepping up because nobody else will, what gives them the right to put kids through a workout without training?  I would never begin to imagine I could go on the trading floor tomorrow just because I watch it on TV!!!! Or I was needed because nobody showed up for work that day.  I certainly wouldn’t show up to perform surgery as a doctor because I fantasized about it and felt I missed my calling, so why is it right for unqualified untrained men and women to coach and train our kids because they play fantasy baseball or played in 10th grade???
What we can do is take responsibility of our kid’s trainings on our own! We can:
•    Sign up for some private strength and speed trainings at our local gyms by qualified and highly trained people. 
•    Give our kids great instruction and base training,
•    Buy DVD training videos age  sport and position specific,
•    Ask your kids school coaches for advice and training tips


If it is all too much money get a group together and hire a trainer who will let you split the cost. It is worth your children’s future joint health and longevity on the field of play.  You can also ask your children’s coaches EXACTLY what are their qualifications to train your kids.  You are allowed!!!  Be the advocate of your children on and off the field, think about hour many hours you trust to their Coaches…..

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Can your child be making decisions that hurt their physical development?
Young Athletes Specializing too early
While I do not claim to be a doctor, I do have very specific feelings about your young athletes specializing in one sport too early.  Consider these points when your 12 year old tells you He/She only wants to play soccer from here on out and become pro!
My main beef on the topic is plain and simple.  If your 12 year old is deciding to go 100% into baseball for example what can the effects be on their body?  I feel they are choosing one sport and as a result only training the muscles related to that sport.  Sports are a funny thing; by nature they create imbalances in the body because they are one side dominant, (unless you are a swimmer.)  That said if you do one sport day in and day out over and over you’re creating serious imbalances and potential misalignments in your joints and muscles.  Young athletes will never have the opportunity to create the strongest most symmetrical, efficient body possible if they are batting righty throwing righty and not doing much leg work on the baseball diamond.  There is more to your body than swinging a bat and fielding a ball.
Secondly, question your child’s decision to choose one sport.  Is it purely for love of the game, OR is it because they feel pressure to be on their best friend’s team and stick tight to their buddies.
Third, have they experienced disappointment in a sport therefore abandoned it immediately?  What I remember is I learned most from my disappointments in life.  I have grown through these lessons and failure motivated my success.  May I just remind you that Michael Jordan did not make his 10th grade basketball team…if that is not a kick in the pants I am not sure what is, imagine if he gave up.  Use that as an example of rising from the ashes!!!
In a nutshell your kids need to have full sport experiences, filled with ups and downs, jy and excitements  if circumstances allow, explore and expand their mind body and potential.  Even as adults we would definitely be dull if we only spoke of one topic all day long every day, it is very one dimensional and increases the likely hood of boredom and disinterest sooner than being well rounded.  I wholeheartedly believe that sports are great outlet of true life lessons.
If your children are unable accept suggestions of multi sport multi interest lives, and boy do I understand the dynamics of stubborn kids, then please add a program like Power Yoga for Sports to their lives to maintain a symmetrical well trained balanced body, that can give back for year to come.

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Below I have posted a summary of Mrs. Obama’s initiative, every parent should be aware of.  It is doable right now, no matter who you are.  it is your obligation to read it, live it and pass it along.  Chose one point this week add another next week and before you know it, it is your own truth and way of living.  Then check out the link at the bottom of the page for more ongoing information to change your life and the life of the ones you love.


First lady Michelle Obama launched her “Let’s Move” campaign the second week of February to highlight, and hopefully help remedy the current childhood obesity epidemic.

If you think epidemic sounds a little too dramatic, then consider this: It is estimated that one out of every three children in the United States is obese.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a simple formula for helping prevent childhood obesity.

It’s 5-2-1-0, and it breaks down like this:

5: Eat five vegetables and fruits a day (the majority of this should be vegetables). I would also add that you limit your fructose consumption from fruits to less than 15 grams per day. You can use the table lower on this page to help you determine the fructose content of common fruits.

2: Limit screen time — TV in particular — to 2 hours or less a day. (The AAP says to avoid any screen time for children under the age of 2. Another interesting variation of this comes from Robert Lustig, MD who is a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California who specializes in weight loss. He integrates this into the next one in that for every minute of screen time (TV or video games) a minute of exercise is required.

1: Do one hour of physical activity a day.

0: Have zero sugar-sweetened drinks This is an easy one that EVERY child would benefit from following.

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Sexy Yoga Abs

Posted by GwenLawrence Feb 26, 2010

Ever notice the sleek, beautiful lines of your Yoga Instructors Abdominals?  The truth is that every Yoga pose demands the use of your core! Balancing, twisting and torqued all the while breathing…hopefully!  If you do not have time for a whole practice every day here are a few yoga ab options…

•    FOREARM PLANK: from my Moms to my pro athletes we do this exercise 3x one minute each time…on your forearms and knees, line your elbows perfectly under your shoulders and try to get forearms as parallel as possible, palms flat on the floor.  When you are ready pop on to your tucked toes and have your body in one line, no high butts, no sagging butts and hold for 1 minute.  Repeat at least 2 more times.

•    EAGLE ABS:  lay on your back and cross your right thigh over your left thigh.  If you are flexible your right foot will try to tuck behind your left calf, if you cannot do this, then focus on squeezing your inner thighs together.  Than place your hands behind your head, all ab crunch rules apply as far as NOT pulling on your neck.  Crunch for 1-2 minutes don’t count reps, time yourself.  Release and repeat on the other side.

•    TIBETAN RITE LEG RAISE:  part of the 5 Tibetan rites (see article at lay on your back palms under your low back to support and ease strain, palms face down.  Legs straight up to the sky, glue one leg to the other and send energy out through your heels.  Lift your chin to your chest.  Slowly lower your legs and head at the same time just before they touch the ground exhale and lift the legs and head back up.  Repeat 1-2 minutes.  If you become stronger arms can press into the floor alongside you, palms down ad low back pressing into the floor, even stronger?  then extend your arms over head and connect them to either side of your head raising and lowering in sync with your head raise.

•    PLANK KNEE TO ELBOW:  start in plank pose, top of a push up.  Be careful to perfectly align your shoulders over your elbows, over your wrists’.  Equal energy back through your heels and out through the top of your head.  Bring your right knee to your right elbow, (don’t let your right foot touch the ground) hold bring right knee to forehead dropping your chin, allowing forehead to meet the knee, bring right knee to left elbow, back to forehead ,back to right knee and replace in plank pose.  Repeat on the other side.  Do these 1-3 minutes…

Be tough stay strong and watch your yoga belly emerge!!!

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Being a stay at home Mom is a very conflicted time, you are proud to be home raising your kids on your own, sometimes feeling trapped, you have to re organize the way you do everything.  It is no the time to make excuses!  my story is, I had 3 baby boys in 4 years!! I also worked every night of the week.  I was a competitive dancer and body sculptor, always prided myself on the fitness philosphy.  What the heck was I to do?  I could wallow in the restrictions of naps, feedings and exhaustion or I could make a plan and stick to it, which IS rule #1.  You are responsible for you and nobody else is to blame.  I joined a gym as hard and expensive as that was, my motto was and is, "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"  every morning packed up the boys and went on our way, dropped the boys in the playroom and happily went to a kick butt class, praying I wouldn't get called out of class for the dreaded poopy diaper changing call.  After class was the best because I was able to actually take a shower and blow dry my hair!  I felt awesome and accomplished and loved not only myself more but my kids.

     I understand that many of you cannot join a gym for many reasons.  Do not despair.  make your plan, set your goals, buy 3-4 DVD's and do them in the house right after you fee your baby in the a.m.  Today we even have exercise channels and FREE workouts that motivate and change everyday, TAKE ADVANTAGE.  Even if you do 10 minutes, tomorrow maybe you can do 15 and so on and so on.  The biggest mistake you can make is not working out at all because you think you always need an hour.  So what if in the middle of your workout you need to fill a juice cup or soothe a toddler, learning to let the frusterations of the little distractions go is a great lesson anyway.  Get used to it...get will grow less tired more energetic and motivated each day you accomplish something.  Your kids feelings of health and well being and being well adjusted depend on you being confident and proud of yourself and showing the importance of taking time to reach and attain your goals!

     If your kids are older, why not set time aside to do some form of exercise together, and be a real example.  My husband and I do my Power Yoga for Sports DVD's at least once a week with  my now TEENAGE sons.  Teaching them to stay healthy and be in charge of their skill and destiny on and off the field.  We all benefit and we are spending some quality time together.  Every parent of Teens knows that any quality time you can get is priceless.

     Find somethig you like to do, commit to it, no excuses, be an example, gain quality time...

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How Did I Get This Injury?

Posted by GwenLawrence Jan 28, 2010

Why do we feel so shocked when an injury occurs???  Our body sends signals everyday all day as to how it is feeling and signs of potential injuries.  It is your job to take responsibility.  Taking responsibility seems to be old fashoned in this new world of technology and reduced privacy.  denial denial denial...........take some time to feel what is going on in your body mind heart and best judgement! EVERYDAY and perhaps you can sideline and injury before it happens. From Professional athletes to soccer moms this is a great way to live, with awareness and pride.

Nothing is that elusive or mysterious to just sneak attach us, it is our choice to be aware and make the best choices we can.  Whether it is diet choices, job choices, stress choices,or relationship choices, our gut always tells the truth.  Be present and feel.  You may even argue "well, somepeople dont have choices about stress in our lives"  that may be true, but it is my belief and mindset that you can do everything you can to reduce the effects, like DIET choices, eat clean smart and healthy and you will be surprised at how much easier it is to settle the problem or deal with the situation feeling good with adequate rest.

assess your situation, SEE............take responsibility

breathe..............stay calm..........set goals

seek help..............realize the truth

deligate.............stay calm in an uncomfortable situation

talk it out..........don't judge..........identify and remove your obstacle

look feel and the clues you are given everyday!...............

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Thanks for checking in with me at my first post!  I am excited to bring you useful intriguing can check out and for more information on me.  I want to invite everybody to send questions and perhaps we can develop an amazing Q and A arena.



Lets start the new year, new goals with a brief thought...It may not be enough to write down your goals and desires for the year.  Even though writing down everything and posting them in a place where you can see them and remind yourself everyday will increase the likelihood of success, it may not be enough!  what do I mean by that? What I truly believe is that before you forge a path it is crutial to clear the obstacles.  removing the obstacles to make an easier journey should be our number one mission.  Ihat obstacles could i possibly mean? easy...

  • get your friends and relatives on board with your plans, eliminate nay sayers and people who demonstrate jealousy and destructive behavior
  • be honest with yourself, don't underestimate yourself but don't set the bar too high it can be a huge obstacle to overcome and frusterate you
  • find a loyal path one you can stick that fits into your lifestyle, not one that is overwhelming.  When you first get up to the plate you are praying to hit the ball not only for a homerun
  • biggest obstacles are lie.. dont lie...dont believe others' lies


be greedless with your desires goals and wants, and it is ok to want and don't be emabarrased for what you want!!!  Be Patient, it is great to set deadlines, if your deadline passes review what you have accomplished so far and move on from there.  Go through life being mindful and aware

  • feel your feet in your shoes
  • smell the air, feel the air in your nose
  • see your surroundings
  • hear others, they may have a great thing to say
  • taste your food before you swallow it
  • touch others in your life, physically and emotionally

eveything put together will clear your path open your mind, bring people closer to you and increase your success!!

Good luck this year...keep me posted...your mind is like a parachute it only works when it is open.

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