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First Post...Removing the Obstacles

Posted by GwenLawrence on Jan 14, 2010 9:20:16 AM

Thanks for checking in with me at my first post!  I am excited to bring you useful intriguing can check out and for more information on me.  I want to invite everybody to send questions and perhaps we can develop an amazing Q and A arena.



Lets start the new year, new goals with a brief thought...It may not be enough to write down your goals and desires for the year.  Even though writing down everything and posting them in a place where you can see them and remind yourself everyday will increase the likelihood of success, it may not be enough!  what do I mean by that? What I truly believe is that before you forge a path it is crutial to clear the obstacles.  removing the obstacles to make an easier journey should be our number one mission.  Ihat obstacles could i possibly mean? easy...

  • get your friends and relatives on board with your plans, eliminate nay sayers and people who demonstrate jealousy and destructive behavior
  • be honest with yourself, don't underestimate yourself but don't set the bar too high it can be a huge obstacle to overcome and frusterate you
  • find a loyal path one you can stick that fits into your lifestyle, not one that is overwhelming.  When you first get up to the plate you are praying to hit the ball not only for a homerun
  • biggest obstacles are lie.. dont lie...dont believe others' lies


be greedless with your desires goals and wants, and it is ok to want and don't be emabarrased for what you want!!!  Be Patient, it is great to set deadlines, if your deadline passes review what you have accomplished so far and move on from there.  Go through life being mindful and aware

  • feel your feet in your shoes
  • smell the air, feel the air in your nose
  • see your surroundings
  • hear others, they may have a great thing to say
  • taste your food before you swallow it
  • touch others in your life, physically and emotionally

eveything put together will clear your path open your mind, bring people closer to you and increase your success!!

Good luck this year...keep me posted...your mind is like a parachute it only works when it is open.

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