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Gaining Massive Amounts of Muscle

Posted by Hardgainer on Sep 27, 2010 4:42:26 PM

If you have ever told anyone that you were trying to gain weight, I  bet you got a real weird reaction.  Most of the people you come across  are attempting to lose weight, so when you mention that you are trying  to gain weight, you might possibly hear, "You can take some of mine" or  "Why do you want to gain weight?".  You might say, I don't know, while  thinking in your head because I'm tired of spending all my money on food  and still being a skinny weakling.  You don't have to be that skinny  guy any more because I have some tips to share with you on how to gain weight. I know it is frustrating trying to pack on the muscle and year after  year you find yourself giving up because you have not seen any results.   Well do not give up quite yet, the information you are looking for  about how to gain muscle mass is waiting for you just around the corner.



Eat Nutritious Healthy Foods


You  are what you eat, this is a truth that many people do not believe in.  However, it is very true that if you eat crap food all the time, your  body and its functions are going to turn into crap as well.  Eating  foods that are whole, solid foods is exceedingly important for not only  your long term health, but also because it is the building blocks of  muscle tissue that you are so desperately trying to build.  When I  articulate whole foods, I mean stay away from fast food restaurants and  minimize the amount of meals you eat at any other restaurant too.  If  you are serious about gaining muscle weight, then planning ahead is your  best friend.  Plan, plan, and plan your meals the night before.  If  that means cooking them then so be it.  You can not rely on some  unhealthy restaurant to supply you with the nutrition you need to repair  your muscles, because the nutrients are most likely not in their food.


Tracking  of your calories is essential at first.  You want to have a good idea  as to the amount of calories that you are consuming on a day to day  basis and also what those calories are consisting of. If you are not  gaining muscle then that means you need to up your calorie intake,  however if you notice that your fat levels are raising, then back off  the calories a little bit.



Don't Waste Money on Supplements, Unless They are Proven to Work


The  number one thing that you need down pat is your diet. There is just no  use for a supplement unless you have the vital parts down first. It is  true that a few supplements can aid you at gaining weight.  I do not  totally agree with using many supplements, I kind of view it like Vince DelMonte views it.  He is pretty much against all supplements except creatine and protein powder.


I  believe that creatine, protein powders and a good multivitamin are a  nice addition to your diet.  The reason for the multivitamin is just to  make sure your body has all the vitamins and minerals it needs to repair  itself.  It is hard to make sure you are getting every vitamin you need  from your food, that is why I suggest the backup plan multivitamin,  just to cover your butt.



Trigger Your Muscles to Grow with Training


Your  training routine will have a large affect on your success to acquire  weight, mainly sparking your muscles to grow.  The only weight you will  gain without doing an exercise program with the other two steps is fat.   I am sure no one is aiming at gaining fat, if you are I pray for you  lol.  This is the step that plants a seed in your body that then  requests that you feed it so it can grow.


Choose a workout that  is in the 4 to 8 rep range and aim at pressing heavy weight.  This rep  range will target your fast twitch muscle fibers and fast twitch deals  with your strength.  It is best to focus on mostly compound, multi-joint  exercises such as squats, deadlifts, pullups, and bench press.  These  exercises will help release large amounts of testosterone and will help  your whole body grow.



To Sum Things Up


If  weight gain is your goal, then you must consider following these 3  tips.  You need to eat high quality foods that are whole foods, eat  enough calories, only use supplements that are proven to work, and  execute a heavy weight training program.



I hope your muscle grows in your sleep,


Cory Cook




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