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Muscle Building Nutrition

Posted by Hardgainer on Sep 27, 2010 4:46:35 PM

If you are an experienced  weight lifter, but have not got the gains you have wanted. Then it  might be time to start looking at the foods you are eating. Nutrition is  a major factor when it comes to building muscle; So if you are  neglecting the proper nutrition  and you are eating an unhealthy diet, then your body might be lacking in the amount of muscle mass getting put upon it.


Laboratory Foods


Processed  foods are everywhere these days.  They are at the restaurants, fill up  most of the entire grocery store, and sadly enough are the main food  items the average American eats .  Although is difficult to put all the  fault on the customer, mainly due to the fact that the food industry has  been lying to their customers for years about the quality of their  foods. I mean if they flat out told people that their food will kill  you, I wonder how much business they would lose.


Processed foods  are a pretty new thing and have only been around for a short time. But  within this short time, the rate of diseases has dramatically increased,  since the time of their introduction into the market place.  So I would  try to stay clear of all processed foods, that is if you are serious  about packing on some muscle weight.


Ancestors Nutrition


Now  this is related to the Paleolithic age period in time, right when our  ancestors first began evolving into modern humans.  During this period  the brains of our ancestors were growing and they were needing more  calories to feed these evolving brains.


By closely examining the way they ate has lead us to create the Caveman Diet.   This diet is based off of whole foods and consisted of mainly meat,  fish, shellfish, leafy vegetable, fruits, nuts and insects.  There was  no Taco Bell, or foods that are loaded with preservatives or other crazy  chemicals that labs add to them to make them taste good.  The only  foods they had were natural whole foods, just like nature intended.


Leave Out With the Bad, Bring in the Good


You might be asking how does any of this relate to muscle building?   Glad you asked, it has a huge part in muscle building.  Nutrition is  what your body gets to use to create these muscle tissues that you are  trying to build.  If you are missing the materials your body needs to  build muscle, then your body will not be able to provide the muscle  growth that you desire.


You need to eliminate the bad and take  in the good.  I recommend kicking fast food to the curb, and also avoid  eating those processed ready to eat meals in the frozen section.  When I  say frozen section, I mean almost everything except for the frozen  vegetables and fruits.  I suggest using the caveman diet as a  basis and  then adding some other foods to make it complete.


Putting Things Together


I  hope you learned how important a healthy diet is for building muscle.   You have to provide your body with all the supplies it needs in order to  get the desired results you are looking for (massive muscle growth).   If you do not give your body all the food that it needs to create,  repair and rebuild muscle It is like trying to manufacture a car but not  having all the tools and supplies required to make the car.  I believe  quality nutrition can be the difference between getting a little bit of  results and packing tons of muscle on your body.  Well sounds like it is  time for some meal planning for you. Best to get to work, you do not  want to keep your muscles waiting.



Eat Yourself Into the Way of Massive


Cory Cook




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