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How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

Posted by Hardgainer on Nov 7, 2010 10:24:50 AM

Increase Your Testosterone



Most people that are trying to gain  weight are constantly looking  for a simple  and quick way to pack on the pounds. Unlike what the  supplement companies may say, there are no magic pills that will make  you gain thirty pounds overnight. Nevertheless, there are some tips and  tricks you can do that can help advance your mass building progress.


All  these items are easy to include and will assist you, but you should  notice that you need to have every thing else correct before you  startseeing a whole lot of advantages from employing these suggestions.  With that being said, lets go check these out...






Increasing Your Testosterone


Most  guys who already train and workout have heard of the hormone testosterone. Nevertheless, I  question if you know what a big influence it has on your potential to  add new muscle to your physique?  If you arrived here seeking knowledge on how to gain weight fast then, certainly, testosterone has a huge influence on muscle progress  and weight gains. Here are a few suggestions that will aid you to  increase your normal testosterone legally.


- Eat lots of  cruciferous greens such as broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts,  cabbage, spinach and cauliflower. These lessen estrogen and aid you to  increase testosterone levels.


- Eat lots of nuts and seeds. These  are comprised of very good fats and also high levels of Zinc that will  assist your testosterone levels.


- Take lots of very good oils  such as flax seed oil, olive oil, fish oil and coconut oil. These will  assist with making the body's hormones that will convert into large  testosterone levels.


- Use blackstrap molasses and turmeric soon  after a workout. Blackstrap molasses includes large levels of magnesium  which also assists with testosterone. Turmeric is a super  anti-inflammatory spice that has enormous anti-oxidant capabilities as  well. These anti-oxidants are far more impressive than that of vitamin E  and working out produces free radicals that will need to be removed.






Workout For a Reduced Amout of Time


Sometimes  working out for a shorter time period will give you superior gains. If  you are scrawny then you need to be certain you are doing a hardgainer routine not a workout produced for a individual that simply gains muscle and that can recuperate rapid from their workouts.


This  is why I suggest that if you are a skinny person and you are working  out for over an hour, then you may want to start thinking about chopping  back on how long you exercise. I typically advocate not going past 45  mins of pure weightlifting and possibly a 10 to 15 min warm-up session.  You want to try and keep cortisol ranges down and by keeping workouts  brief and sweet can assist you in this area. Also you may want to look  into receiving herb known as Holy Basil, it is suppose to assist you  lessen the sum of cortisol in your system.






Take A Very Good High Quality Multivitamin


This  is vital to take into consideration. Individuals do not notice how  vital it is to provide your system with all the nutritional vitamins and  minerals it demands to operate properly. Now a days it is virtually  almost not possible to get all these nutritional vitamins and minerals  from just your food supply alone.

Therefore, this is why I  advocate using a good quality multivitamin to be certain you are  covered. Opti-Men is a very good one for dudes to take that is a good  price. If your system is missing these nutrients then it will not be in a  position to operate like how it was created to. So if you wish you  realized how to build muscle the healthy way, then using a multivitamin is well worth considering.




Let Us Sum Things Up


Lets  wrap these beneficial suggestions up. As you can see, these are some  very good suggestions to take into consideration when planning a weight  gain program and cycle. If you are eating sufficient calories, working  out correct, getting sufficient rest and using these suggestions into  consideration, then you ought to see some great weight gains in the gym.


Train hard expect success,


Cory Cook




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