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Hardgainer Muscle Building Nutrition

Posted by Hardgainer on Mar 30, 2011 8:19:35 AM

If you are a hardgainer that is dying to learn how to gain weight fast, then you know how difficult it is to stuff your face with tons of food all day long in the attempt to gain a few pounds.  Sometimes you might realize that you are still not eating enough to gain weight.


But what if I could give you a few secrets to help you in the department of nutrition?  These secrets can help you absorb more of the foods you are already eating and help you retain the nutrients.  Well what are we waiting for?  Lets have a look at these secrets.



Use Digestive Enzymes to Absorb More Food


The truth about digestion is that it takes a lot of work for your body to process the foods you eat and turn them into useable materials for your muscles.  This is especially true if you are eating a bunch of proteins.  You might be wondering how to gain muscle if eating so much food puts a huge toll on your digestive system?  Digestive enzymes and probiotics are the answer that you seek.


Using digestive enzymes will assist your body in breaking down these proteins and help you assimilate them into useable materials to help your muscles repair and get bigger.  Just picture this, if you were not gaining weight and you were only using fifty percent of the foods you eat, you could either: A) Eat more food.  Or B) Find a way to be able to use more of the food you are already eating.  To me the answer is clear, it is a lot easier to take digestive enzymes and absorb more food than it would be to eat more food.



Use Fasting to Help Reset Your Metabolism


Fasting is another useful trick to help you absorb more of the food that you eat and shove the nutrients into your muscle cells.  Now you might be thinking I am doing workout routines to build muscle so don't I need to eat in order to build the muscle?  Yes you do, however the human body is really good at adapting to things.  So if you are constantly eating tons of calories everyday, week in and week out, then it will get use to it.  So what does fasting have to do with anything then?


It has been proven that the first two weeks of high calories in the bulking phase is the most beneficial time to gain muscle. But after that period you body starts to add more fat than in the previous two weeks.  So the trick is to use fasting or calorie reductions to help reset your metabolism and remain in the first two weeks of bulking phase over and over again.


So every three to four weeks I recommend taking a week where you reduce your calories by a lot and maybe even pick one day where you do a complete fast and only drink fruit and vegetable juice that day. The best time to do this is the week when you are on a deload week in your workout program.  Then you will not be lifting tons of heavy weights on a low calorie diet.  Then when you go back to eating tons of calories and lifting heavy weights your body will gain muscle again like it did at the beginning of your bulking phase.



Summing Up


Sometimes all that is needed to gain weight is to give your body a little help out.  By using these tips your body should be able to run more efficiently, absorb more nutrients and turn those nutrients into muscle and not fat.  The digestive system is an important part of the muscle building process and it is an area that should not be overlooked.  You want to keep your system running smoothly and doing its job effectively, so by implementing the use of probiotics, digestive enzymes and by using low calorie weeks and fasting you should be well on your way to a massively huge body.


Good luck,


Cory Cook


About the Author


Cory  Cook is the co-creator of, a website  specifically designed to teach the hardgainer the laws and scientific  principles for building a classic, muscular and functional physique.  offers many resources to help you accomplish your goals.  We have a  free email class, hundreds of free informative articles, videos and the  Awakened Warrior Blog.

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