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Ways to Workout Without a Gym

Posted by Hardgainer on Apr 7, 2011 10:19:37 AM

I know not everyone has their own gym or gym membership so they can workout whenever they want.  I know how tough that can be; because I think it is hard enough to get motivated enough to workout when I have a gym at my own house.


I wanted to take a little time in this article to help you gain weight fast by telling you some ways you can workout, even if you do not have access to a gym.  Now do not get me wrong, you can get a pretty good workout with no equipment at all, but depending on your level of fitness, you may need to buy some things in order to progress properly. Let us move on and take a look at some of these exercises.



Bodyweight Training to Build Muscles


Now if you are a hard gainer then you will probably be wanting to start out with plain old bodyweight exercises.  You can get a pretty good workout with no weights at all, especially if you are a beginner to weight training.  I also recommend starting here to help build up your joints and tendons, because they usually take a little more time to get stronger than muscles do.


Since having an ectomorphic body type means that you have to give your body more time to recover, then bodyweight exercises should be easy to recover from.  Exercises you can do include things like: push ups, bodyweight squats, bodyweight lunges, one-legged squats, Romanian deadlifts, inverted rows, pull ups and planks.  Most likely the reps will be a little bit on the high end at first, but later you can do these same exercises and get a weighted vest to make them harder.  Doing it this way, you are progressing in strength and still do not need a whole bunch of equipment to get a good workout.



Take Yourself to the Kids Playgrounds


You can take bodyweight training to the next level and take your workout routines to the kids playground.  You may be asking yourself, what the heck is this crazy guy talking about?  Why the kids playground?  Well it depends on the playground you go to.  But most of them are packed with fun equipment that can give you a good workout.  Lots of time, they have pull-up bars, parallel bars, monkey bars, swings and all types of cool fun things.


The parallel bars are good for dips and also shoulder stability. Of course you can do pull ups on the pull up bar.  You can do explosive push-ups by putting your feet on the swings and then exploding up from the down position up into the air while your feet are still on the swing.  These are only a couple examples of exercises that can be done at the kids playground that shows you how to gain weight fast without having to go to the gym.



Let Us Wrap This Up


As you can see there are many ways you can get a workout without having to go to the gym or buy a whole bunch of weight equipment.  The more advanced you end up getting, at some point it is going to be difficult to train without getting some equipment.  But until then you should be fine starting out with some bodyweight training, then adding a weighted vest and after that take your workouts to the kid’s playground.  You might have to scare away the kids before you can start your training though ;). lol…



Good Luck With Your Training,


Cory Cook



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