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Can Limiting Beliefs Affect Your Muscle Gains?

Posted by Hardgainer on Apr 14, 2011 7:17:37 PM

There are many things in life that can affect your success at building muscle. Things such as making sure you are eating enough food, training hard enough and getting enough sleep. However, not many people take into account the affects of your mind and beliefs on your ability to build muscle.



If you are a hardgainer then you probably have experienced the effects of beliefs on your ability to accomplish your goals. These everyday experiences may impact your end results more than you might have previously thought.


The Affects of Labeling Yourself as Being Skinny

Labels can be a dangerous thing. By labeling everything around you, you are setting deep beliefs in your mind about how something is or is not. The subconscious mind is constantly learning from its day to day experiences and then uses what it has learned to better react to future events.



The problem is when you are younger there is no filter on what the subconscious mind believes to be true or false. So when you are a young kid with an ectomorph body type and everyone keeps telling you are skinny, this starts to get ingrained deep within your subconscious mind. So after you have been told this thousands of times, your mind finally just accepts it. Then when you try to change from being skinny, you have massive resistance from your subconscious mind.


Is There Anything I Can Do to Change My Subconscious?

You may be thinking that this whole subconscious mind thing sucks. Well I am not going to lie to you, it can be a challenge to alter your subconscious. They say that 90% of what you can accomplish is determined by the beliefs of your subconscious mind and only 10% is a result of your actions. So if you want to gain weight the healthy way, you are going to need some tools to accomplish this.



You are in luck, there are many tools that can help you in your quest for reprogramming your subconscious mind. Daily affirmations are one tool you can use to help change limiting beliefs. Basically with these you take a negative belief that you are trying to change and you alter it into a positive belief that you can say daily. For example, say you have a belief that you are skinny and can not gain weight. You want to change this by saying, "It is easy for me to gain weight and build muscle". Say this first thing in the morning and right before bed everyday until it becomes part of your belief system. This is just one tool you can use, there are many more tools out there to help reprogram your subconscious mind.


Linking Everything Together

All of this might be a big surprise to you, or you have heard stuff about the power of your subconscious mind before. Either way, you must come to the realization that in order to accomplish your goals with little resistance, you must first change your mind.



If year after year of training has resulted in failures then you might want to try starting with changing your subconscious first next time. Do not under estimate the power of the mind, as we keep learning the mysteries of the mind we keep becoming more and more amazed at the abilities and functions that it can do without our awareness.

Train hard and expect success,


Cory Cook




About the Author


Cory Cook is the co-creator of, a website specifically designed to teach the hardgainer the laws and scientific principles for building a classic, muscular and functional physique. features a free email class covering the basic principles of training naturally, body weight training, eating a nutritious, muscle-building diet, and understanding the truth about supplements. The website is filled with free articles, videos, and the programs you need to create your ideal body.

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