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2 Tips for Gaining Weight and Muscle

Posted by Hardgainer on Jun 17, 2011 5:17:21 PM

If you label yourself as being skinny and many other people have called you that, then I know how you feel.  This world is so focused on the people who are overweight, that sometimes the people underweight get ignored or even envied.


Now do not get discouraged, many skinny guys have went ahead and made some awesome transformations and put on 30 to 40 pounds of muscle.  This should be very motivating for you, because this is complete truth that it is possible for you to gain weight and pack on some muscle.


What you must not do is take advise from people that are not in the same boat as you.  Now I know that it is hard for me to know what boat you are in, and everybody is different with a different body, but one thing I can say is if you have an ectomorphic body than these tips may benefit you.


The whole point is not to be buying these bodybuilder magazines, reading their articles, and trying their tips.  Because most likely the people writing those articles are not in the same boat as you, and were probably gifted with great genetics or are just trying to sell you supplements.


I am still most likely around the same boat as you, I am constantly trying to gain more muscle.  I have gained around 30 pounds, but by no means am I where I want to be.  I would really like to put on another 20 to 30 pounds of muscle.


This is my way of helping people gain weight with me and I will be sharing with you 2 tips that I feel can have a big impact on you putting on some muscle and weight.



Focusing on Building a Solid Core


Now here is an important section that many people often skip because lets be honest, the exercises hurt and are not the most fun to perform.  However, these exercises are even more important if you are a skinny hardgainer because you may need this extra support when you start lifting heavy compound exercises.


What am I talking about?


I am talking about building a strong core.  Your core should be the strongest place on your body.  When I say core I am not talking about just the abdominal muscles.  The core is a group of muscles that is pretty much considered the center of your body.


A lot of times when people start to do these compound exercises such as deadlifts or squats with heavy weights, one of the things that end up happening is an injury to the lower back.  Now sometimes this is just caused by bad form, but other times that bad form is caused by a lack of strength in the core muscles.


Now please do not run to the gym and start doing tons of crunches or situps.  There are much better core exercises that you could be doing.  Focus on core exercises that are working on stability of your core and not crunching or flexing movements.  These are the types of core exercises for men that will pay off in the end.



Focusing on Bodyweight Exercises


Many people have a hard time wanting to start with bodyweight training before jumping right into heavy squats or deadlifts.  Yes it is true that at some point those heavy squats and deadlifts are going to be responsible for your major ability to gain muscle and weight.  However depending on your athletic background, you might not be ready for heavy squats or deadlifts.


When you start to train heavy, muscles are not the only thing that has to get stronger.  Your joints need to become stronger, bones and cartilage all need to grow and become stronger to support the heavy weight.  The problem comes in when you focus on the last one first, the muscles.  Yes muscles are the easiest of those three to build and get stronger.  By using bodyweight exercises you help your body slowly build up support for your joints.  The best way to do this is by focusing on single leg exercises to build up stabilizer muscles.  This will keep your joints from getting injured by not having the support to lift these heavy weights.



Bringing This All Together


You might have gotten the impression that my whole point of this article was to try and prevent you from getting an injury.  Well in case you didn't get that, that was my point of this article, lol.  Focus on stability type core exercises and stability type leg exercises. You have to realize that by taking things slow and building up your core and stabilizer muscles around joints you will end up making more progress than by simply jumping right in to heavy weight training.  This is due to the possibility that if you are not ready for heavy weights you might end up getting injured and therefore having to take a long period off from training to recover.


If you build a good stable foundation first, then you can keep going up in weight and your progress will keep growing as well as your muscle.  I hope this helps you consider paying your dues to your body so you can have a massive return on your investment in the gym.


Good luck with your training,


Cory Cook



About the Author



Cory Cook is the co-creator of, a website specifically designed to teach the hardgainer the laws and scientific principles for building a classic, muscular overcoming negative beliefs and functional physique. features a free email class covering the basic principles of training naturally, using bodyweight exercises and bodyweight prep training, eating a nutritious, muscle building diet, and understanding the truth about supplements. The website is filled with free articles, videos, and the programs you need to create your ideal body.

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