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D1W4 of C25K

Posted by Ian_Moone Oct 6, 2011

D1W4 of C25K well my lugs are ok but my muscles don't quite have the endurance to do  the 5 min parts which is ok I kind of expected this I just walked for a few seconds and ran kept doing this until my timer went of then I walked reset my timer for the 3 minute parts which wasn't that hard to do, I had to stop on the second 3 minute part for about 5 seconds to regroup.

I think also it was a bit of a mental thing because as I was doing the first 5 minute ran I ended up running toward a High school phys ed class that was running the opposite direction ( towards me) this was a bit distracting having over 30 teen students running all over the bike lane ( which I run on) and the side walk lol.

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Posted by Ian_Moone Sep 30, 2011

Well it is Sept 29th 2011 and I finally was able to complete D1w3 of the Couch 2 5 K not sure what the problem was but I am glad I broke through it.

On a different note

I find it kind of sad as I do my walk run I notice that 99% of the people that are walking or driving are always on there Cell phones texting or talking , they are missing out on everything around them, especially the people walking down the sidewalks there is so much going on that people are opblivious to , things like the birds singing and the crows dropping chest nuts on the road so that they can get the meat inside , or the Ducks and geese or other song bird singing the squirels chasing each other people are so caught up in the tech. It is no wonder why there are so many un healthy people out there.

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August 20 2011


Well I did my normal route but started the c25k program


I started the program and it feels good even though the program finished about5/8ths of the way around the lake.\\



Aug 22 2011

this is day two of the c25k and I did my normal route.

it seemed a little hard to do todays C25K walk run could it be that I was a little anxious of the timer alarm? if so I will try to just run instead.


Aug 24 2011

I finished the first week of c25k .


Funny thing is it did seem to be a little easy and as I was looking to setup my timer for the next week I discovered that I was doing 6 sets instead of 8 sets hehe, oh well no big deal I will be doing 1.5 run 2 walk of 6 sets, I am not sure why they just don't say that instead of " run 90 seconds walk 2 minutes for a total of 20 minutes", it  sure would be allot easier .


Aug 26 2011


Walk run 6,1.5min run ,2min fast walk 4 20 min


well I successfully did this and it was a bit tough but hey I did it .


Aug 28 2011


Same thing as last route I can just do this 1.5min run 2 minwalk 6 times which is perfect.


I get to a point where I want to stop running but I know that I am close so I push further then the walk timer goes off which is just perfect 


Aug 31


Same route


Same thing happened again , with myself just being able to finish .


Sept 1 2011


I changed the route a little this time I entered beside the pool but ran the same direction as normal


Well today I am not sure if it was the change or just my mind running out of gas because I only was able to do three sets and then one minute before I stopped. this is ok because I will just repeat the week again until I can finish this, I am a little disapointed with myself.


Sept 6 2011,


changed to 9sets 1 min run 1.5 min rest routine


No real excuses for missing the past runwalks, just didn't feel like doing them, I better not make a habit of this.


Strange I changed my routine and I still can't seem to get past the 6 sets, well I will keep doing it until I can actually do the proper week then I will move to week two.


I had a strange feeling while I was running and even when walking ( still have same feeling) It starts out tingling sensation at the back of my head then spreads to the right side and on top of my head it then spreads over to the left side a little it also feels like I am a little off kilter like the ground is moving and my balance is off a tiny bit. I will have to keep watch out for this.


Sept 8 2011


I Started running at flashing cross walk which is about three blocks earlier then normal.


well today I was up early and was out the door just after 7 am but I still couldn't get past the fifth set not sure why this is but I will keep on restarting this week until I can break through this little barrier .


Sept 09 2011


changed the ROUTE ran down the hill turned right to lights then stayed on the road and ran around until the first parking lot entrance to Mill Lake


Yay finally I was able to complete the set rep times I think that changing my route helped allot for me to be able to get past the sixth set


Sept 11 2011


well the new route works good


it was perfect today, Lots of sweat and felt good when Done


Sept 13 2011

Yay finally finished my first week of the c25k


this first week of the C25K was a little bit difficult but I was able to do it. I have to think of a way to "not think about GymBoss timer going  off which is very hard for me to do lol.


Sept 15 2011

Successfully completed d1w2 of c25k


well I really didn't want to do this today, I just wanted to take it easy, what I did was just relaxed and set out for d1w2 and as I was doing it I went all the way down to ware street and entered the park from the second block, this turned out to be perfect timing becasue the run ended about thirty meters in :).


Sept 17 2011


My normal new route


Well today is was running and when I was doing the run walk I didn't hear the timer becasue it was raining and the traffic noise was pretty loud, this  kind of screwed me up . what I did was just added two runs and did those I barely did those but I think that the mental fatigue made it harder then normal. I did turn the alarm higher and tested it so on the next outing I should be ok.. I hope hehe.


Sept 19 2011

w2d3 of c25k My Normal New route


well I was" just" able complete week two of the C25K  I am thinking of changing my route for week 3 Run up the first hill until to up the hill to bevon street then following bevon all the way around and down to ware street then down ware street. I will see what happens with this.


Sept 21 2011


w3d1 of c25k

2x 1.5 run , 1.5walk

2x 3min run , 3min walk


well I didn't have a problem with the first part of 1.5 min run,1.5 min walk

but I couldn't set the timer properly for the second part of the 2 x 3 min run 3 min walk but I did do both as best as I could.

this isn't a problem I will just continue to day two and if I mess up again I will rest week three and take a couple of days off and start week 3 again


Sept 23


nothing today ( I feel ashamed )


I had this big plan of run walking to the office but I did nothing


Sept 24 2011


c25k week three;


2 sets of the following:

  • Jog 90 seconds
  • Walk 90 seconds
  • Jog  3 minutes
  • Walk three minutes


Well I still am having a problem with this the part that I change my timer from 1.5min to 3mins then when I am doing the first 3min I have been catching the red light with still about 20 seconds left, also the second set of the  3min run my legs run out of juice this also could be something else, I think that I will have to restart week 3  again I am thinking that this time I might just do the straight route to see if I get messed up again . Ugg


Sept 26 2011

my new route


Hmm I am still having problems with the second set of the 3 min run, I had no problems adjusting the Gymboss timer so it isn't that, I feel no pain so it isn't that , I am not sure what it is I just stop running . Oh well I will just keep redoing it until I can "break on through tto the other side" ( to Quote Jim Morrison)


Sept 28 2011

Well I decided to try my older route

Well the same thing happened again for some reason I just stopped running But this time I walked for about 10 seconds then pushed myself and started running again until the beeper went off but I still ran for a couple of seconds after that this might take me a while to be able to get through this but I will get through this lol




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