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Jul 13, 2008

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Imgellin Imgellin replied to Getting from Good to Great

"That's great news, Jiri! It sounds like your training and racing is going well. Congratulations. Keep us posted.                           "

in General Running Discussion 20 replies
2 days ago
Imgellin Imgellin replied to Newbie Running and Long Runs?

"It depends on whether you have running goals other than increaing your distance ten percent each week. If that's what your sole goal is, the"

in General Training Discussion 2 replies
2 days ago
Imgellin Imgellin replied to Video Race Review: Lagoon Amusement Park 10K

"Thanks for the extremely entertaining (and instructive) video, Jolie. What I was most impressed with was the grace and humor with which you"

in General Running Discussion 2 replies
4 days ago

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