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Jul 13, 2008

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Imgellin Imgellin replied to Worst Questions To Ask A Runner

"I have not heard a question that I "hate", but I once told this woman that I had just run my first marathon, and she shot back, "Are you goi"

in General Running Discussion 4 replies
1 day ago
Imgellin Imgellin replied to Running shoes for work

"What part of your feet hurts? Try some inverted postures from yoga: handstand, candle or balance postures. Any of these can be done at wor"

in Equipment and Gear 1 replies
4 days ago
Imgellin Imgellin replied to Sudden loss of breath on hills--MD's Find Nothing Wrong

"This happened to me in 2009, and it occured, as Len noted, on uphills. I found my self hyper-ventillating (inhaling deep and holding it in)"

in General Running Discussion 2 replies
4 days ago

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