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5 MAR 10

Posted by JMeisterJules on Mar 5, 2010 7:16:57 AM

OK, so I am truly learning that each of us, probably even the professionals, face the daily challenges that can sabatoge our training plans, our focus, our confidence and our resolve!  But NOT the goal!!  For me it continues to be sickness as well as the fact that my husband has a crucial deadline on 1 APR 10.


First, illness!  I am really confused as to whether I was just coming back too fast after my bout with pneumonia or just caught a cold from being around too many germs when my immune system is already compromised.  Probably a combination of the two but sure enough, after some great workouts, spirits lifted getting back onto my training plan, I woke up in the middle of the night on Thursday with the telltale signs of an oncoming cold.  I immediately started all of my immune building tricks...that have not worked that great so far this winter, but I am still trying...extra Vitamin C, zinc, E, Pineapple juice, blueberries and one you may not have heard before, raw apple cider vinegar (Braggs).  Nonetheless, I had to skip Friday and Saturdays workouts.  Then my son woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday, twice I might add, with what was obviously a recurrence of his stomach flu.  Of course when my child becomes sick everything else melts into the background as I just focus on his needs and praying he is alright and feels better soon...but the fact remains I did miss another swim workout as I attended to him.


As for my husband's crucial deadline and long hours...well, I must admit, I rely heavily on his support and encouragement and that without it I would not even consider this race.  And alot of that support and encouragement comes from his no questions asked...go get your workouts in while I spend time with the kids response to my training.  I never want to take advantage of his amazing attitude and support so I am just trying to be extra cognizant of his situation this month as well as make sure I am giving him what he needs to meet HIS goal!!!!


So, these are my present challenges to staying on track and focused.  And I am realizing for me anyway, that as much as I like having a training plan and sticking to it so I know I have done everything possible to succeed in my race that its just a PLAN!  A guideline that I must use wisdom and good judgement to adjust to my lifestyle and what works best for my family and my wellbeing!  That being said, here is what I was supposed to do vs what I did since I last wrote:


  Friday: 1hr bike  (skipped due to illness)

  Saturday:  1:00 swim and 1:30 run in Zone 3 (skipped due to illness)

  Sunday:  1:30 bike (endurance...Zone 2)  Rode 1:15 minutes...felt pretty good

  Monday:  weights for 1hr  (lifted about 40 minutes...not very great workout b/c at home while Gabe was napping)

  Tuesday:  1:00 swim (form)  (missed...Gabe home sick)  45min run (20 min warm up/ 4x 800s on track at faster than 10K)  Felt great!!!  Nice day...warmer...just grateful to be working out...the way it should be!!!!

  Wednesday:  1:00 Bike  (Rode with Santa Fe bike club...25 miles...little longer than 1 hr but it was the highlight of my workout thus far this week!  Great group or riders, I stayed with the pack even held my own on some sprints...really gave me a confidence boost for the first ride outdoors of the season...once again GREAT reminder of why I am even doing this race...LOVE LOVE LOVE riding my bike outside!!!!  Absolutely the best!

  Thursday:  1:00 Swim...crazy fun workout designed by Jessica!  10 min w/u, then 25 fly, 50 back, 75 breast 100 free 200 IM 300 paddle 500m timed 500 stroke/free 400 paddle...something like that.  It was fun.  I could definitely tell I have not been consistent in the pool but again, I had fun and enjoyed the workout

                   1:00 run with 3 cruise intervals in Zone 3  was not even sure I would have the energy or should push myself to do this workout but by 5pm the sun was shining, things were settled at home, dinner ready, so I went for it.  It was hard but I felt great at the end.


Whats Ahead this week:  Friday:  1:15 bike.  will probably go easy no matter what the workout says!

                                       Saturday:  My first brick!  1:15 Swim, 1:00 bike, 30 min run!  Really excited to see how this goes.

                                       Sunday:  First Race of the Dam series.  Its only 15miles and I am supposed to ride 2 hours that day so I will try to tack on some more mileage in my warm up and cool down!!!


I must note that another crucial part of my week was reading this awesome article about Kara Goucher in Runners World.  She has struggled with huge confidence issues and just letting negative talk and thoughts psych her out of her best performances.  I really liked how her trainer and a sports psychologist working with her incorporated a "signal word" during training and for her big race to get her in gear.  I have started trying it this week in some of the tough parts of my workouts...and day for that matter.  I am copying Kara...but my word this season is FIGHTER!!!!!!!


Have a blessed week!

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