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6 MAY 10

Posted by JMeisterJules on May 6, 2010 7:25:15 AM

Seriously.....its MAY!!!!!  I am flooded with so many different emotions as I turn to the last page of my training plan!  Excitement and a sense of accomplishment that I have stuck with it this far and am seeing some results from just sticking to a plan and building.  Definitely cool.  But also nervousness...second guessing myself, am I really prepared?  Am I really doing the right thing nutrition wise?  Can I really pull off 56 miles on my old bike and then try to run 13.1 miles????  And still the stress of getting some of these last long workouts in while there is so much going on with my family right now. 


Should I give details?  Ok, I will...besides the fact my husband will be deploying in a month and end of school activities are in full swing...last weekend we had really close friends coming for a visit.  I had my first triathlon of the season scheduled, my daughter had dance that same morning, my son had baseball pictures and a Cub Scout bridging ceremony and camp out.  Our friends are really awesome and such good sports about our schedule and so it was completely fun sharing our activities with them but as I rode off to the race while Kevin made breakfast and took our daughter to dance and a friend whose son is also on the baseball team took both boys to the pictures I was filled with that same mixture of excitement and guilt.  Is it always this way????   I truly think it is not going to sit still so I can reach a goal and the joy from reaching that goal is so short lived that it makes me all the more grateful for the family I have and all that entails!  But I can definitely say that whereas the challenge this winter with meeting training objectives was weather and illness the biggest challenge now is TIME to fit it all in and WISDOM in how to balance it all.  


I will finish the little diatribe about my weekend's juggling act as an example of how/when I am trying to find balance...The amazingly surprising news is that I felt really strong for the race.  It was a sprint with a 200yd swim, 14.25 mile bike (a pretty BIG hill in there though...) and 3.1 mile run.  I finished in 1:15.44 and was the first female finisher.  It really was the first litmus test to how my training is paying off.


So, did the race...spent some more time with the family and friends and then had a 4.30hr ride scheduled for Sunday.  I really believe these long rides are critical but I was just so torn about being away from my family ANOTHER Sunday afternoon after the day before was so crazy...but I did meet up with a friend who is also training for the 70.3 and did 60 did not end up being a 4.30hr ride but that is where I tried to throw in some balance! and called it a day....


So this is another big volume training week (15.30hrs) culminating in a 5hr ride before a rest week.  Started out feeling really tired so I am really working hard to get good sleep and make really good choices in nutrition.  If its going in my mouth this month its going to be quality.  And I am pretty convinced my penchant for a good glass of wine or affecting my sleep and my training enough at this point to where I am cutting it out.  Thats going to be tough but I think its necessary for many reasons!


Got the Leavenworth 1/2 Marathon coming up followed by the KC Olympic.  I am really excited for the KC Olympic!!!!  There is a good chance it may be my favorite (even if its not my goal race) race of the season.  The only person I am racing against is myself.  I have my times from last year and I want to SMOKE myself!!!   Then its rest up for the Kansas 70.3!  Almost there!!!

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