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20 MAY 10

Posted by JMeisterJules on May 20, 2010 3:07:47 PM

  Excited!  I am getting so excited as this month flies by!  I am really enjoying the racing season and hope to keep that perspective on the big race day as people are flying past me!!!  


  So, this past week I had a 5 hour bike ride on my training schedule.  It was really stressing me out because I felt it was a key ride and was having trouble fitting it into our schedule...but on Tuesday with the immense help of my training partners, Allegra and Jessica, I logged 100 miles!  It felt so good to get taht under my belt and has my hopes high that on race day 56 miles won't seem so long since I do have 13.1 miles to run after it!!!  The ride was not without event though because as we started out a dog that has attacked us before came after us.  Very frightening.  I called the police and filed a report but the owner's had put the dog back in his pen so there was not really much he could do.


  Another critical part of my training was doing an open water swim in my wetsuit with our triathlon club.  George also gave us some great tips on donning and taking off our wetsuits.  If I am completely honest I would say that I don't feel really comfortable swimming in my wetsuit but the practice was great and Jessica and I were able to get into the open water again later on in the week.  I am just going to trust what everyone says that on the longer swims the wetsuit makes a big difference....


  Wow, now that I am writing about it I have passed alot of milestones this past week or two because on Sunday my running partner, Jennifer and I, ran the Leavenworth 1/2 Marathon.  We have been running together whenever we can all winter, especially our long runs.  We have logged two TWO hour runs and it really paid off for the 1/2 Marathon.  It was her first!  So fun to be a part of that experience with her and see her achieve such a goal!!!  And of course it felt great to officially have a 1/2 under my belt if I need a mental confidence booster during the HIM!!!


Well, me and my girls have the KC Tri this weekend!!!!  I have been fighting a cold this week so talk about some taper!  I have had multiple days off but I am not stressing it.  I know I have put the time in and I am ready.  This race is going to be fun!!!!!  Can't wait!

Can't sign off without giving a big shout out to my awesome hubby who graduated from SAMS today!!!!  He received amazing grades and worked so hard to achieve this goal.  Its been an amazing year of working together and encouraging each other as we pursue our individial goals and our goals as a family.  I can't imagine this next year as you deploy but trust what God has in store for us!!!!!

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