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Re: Improve my 5k time in General Running Discussion ydiez 17 hours ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 333 1
Re: Chest pain and palpitations when running in General Running Discussion w.c 4 days ago by w.c 845 2
Re: Outside Calf Pain... PAES vs. Compartment Syndrome? in The Med Tent SarahStiltner0 1 week ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 201 1
Re: Pain 3 weeks before 21k in The Med Tent kilmister 1 week ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 228 1
Time to call it quits? Better: Advice? in General Running Discussion RunnerJCA 1 week ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 607 3
Re: Severe injury - Plantar plate tear (big toe), FIVE months! in The Med Tent soccerteam1 1 week ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 376 1
marathon training help in General Running Discussion apricotusm 2 weeks ago by Mair_H 667 3
Re: Pain under knee question. With pics. in The Med Tent Hurtman 2 weeks ago by Hurtman 889 5
Mile Improvement? in General Running Discussion JeffCheng1 3 weeks ago by VeaFitness 2,402 10
Recovering from hip stress fracture, scared! in The Med Tent chelseams12 1 month ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 1,003 7
Arthritis - knees in The Med Tent Bill E Otto 1 month ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 468 1
Am I topped out???  How do I improve my mile time. in General Running Discussion JimmyJohnsFreakyFastDelivery 1 month ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 1,072 1
Re: Semi "new" runner - knee won't cooperate! in General Running Discussion JeffDahlen0 1 month ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 848 1
Mildronats, meldonium in General Running Discussion EdgarsBarbaks 1 month ago by lenzlaw 1,218 4
Plantar plate tear in The Med Tent Sweetmeat72 2 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 2,628 3