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Turkey Trot 2007 or Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

Posted by Jennak on Nov 26, 2007 7:48:00 AM

It was my first Turkey Trot and Syd's first outing in the snow.  It was blustery, cold and slippery, but we had an amazing time!  The snow made everything in Lincoln Park, even the empty beer bottles in the street, look pretty.  It was an 8K that wound around Lincoln Park Zoo and since I haven't been very disciplined about my training, I was really proud to have run the entire thing.  I was slow, but I was still running.  Plus, I was only sore until Sunday.  (ugh!  Try carrying a 32 pound, squirming toddler down 5 flights of 16 stairs each, while your hammies and quads are screaming for you to just sit on the couch, already! )



This is before Syd knew what we were getting her into.  !!


We bundled her in 2 layers plus a snowsuit.  She wasn't happy about any of it.  You can tell from the grimace.

Syd and Mike were real troopers, though.

I think she might have been happier had we let her run.  Next year I think we'll make it an entire family event.

This is before I started grimacing and this is EXACTLY (hehe) where the race began.

And this is the end!

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