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Thanksgiving was a Turkey

Posted by Jennak on Nov 27, 2007 8:28:00 PM

Why? Well, here are some reasons:!!

1. I don't like turkey. I haven't really ever LOVED turkey, but I used to tolerate it. Now that I realized I'm an adult and I can eat things that I actually LIKE eating--big, dried-out, baked-‘til-they're-petrified turkeys have completely lost whatever very small appeal they had at one time. (I think even then the small appeal was the skin.)











2. I was looking forward to Korean food and there really wasn't any. There was some sushi, which I love, but it seemed to be sequestered in a corner with a massive group of grunting men surrounding it and it was just too intimidating to approach.


3. Holidays just aren't the same since I lost my brothers about 7 years ago. I mean, our family was never huge, but I always enjoyed big, raucous holidays with as many holiday orphan-friends as we could muster. We ate, drank and played games until the wee hours. This time of year just inspires me to miss my brothers.



One of my new goals is to try very hard to make our own little family traditions.

This is my husband's sister who is a wiz with the kids. Well, except that no one noticed until it was too late that Syd ate half the fruit from the top of the fruit tart.



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