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Posted by Jennak on Dec 11, 2007 7:12:13 PM

Our first trip with our 1.5 year old Sydney was a lot like SNAKES ON A PLANE! only noisier. How exactly do you confine a very active toddler to a space the size of a phone booth for 5 hours? You don't. You let said toddler terrorize all the passengers on the plane by popping in to visit at the end of their row and shouting "BAH!" or "DA-DAH!" at the top of her lungs. Or, you let her carry your cell phone (off, of course) up the aisle of the plane pretending she's doing business with a very important client. Actually, she didn't really terrorize anyone but us. Everyone else thought she was the cutest thing ever. Well, at least until the last ½ hour of the flight when she began screaming because she hadn't slept since 6 am.


She did spend quite a bit of time in the row with us. Thank heavens there were 30 open seats on the plane. We played quite a few different games in those five hours, none of which involved sleeping or reading. We played a rousing game of "Put the Tray Table Up and Down". Then we managed to play the "Shut and Open the Window Shades". I recommend that one highly. My favorite, though, was "Play Supermodel with the Air Vents". (Daddy invented that one.) There were a few others like "Shove the Snacks in Quick, Daddy" and "Mommy, Pick Up What I Threw," but those were short lived. We made it (by we, I of course, mean daddy and me) in tact to San Francisco.



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This is the story of one woman and her quest to be as active as her wonderfully crazy toddler. The story will be told over the months with photos taken with Sony equipment and tracked with their new GPS system.

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