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January 2008

Campaign Countdown

Posted by Jennak Jan 28, 2008

Only 7 more days until election day.  Thank goodness.  Besides training for the marathon, this is absolutely the hardest I've ever worked in my existence.  It's horrible.  Every day something negative comes out or the newspapers say more rotten things and we ride the emotional rollercoaster.  It's very difficult to read things about a man I've known for close to 10 years all because a spotlight-grabber wants to be an elected official.


We've been walking precincts on the weekends and standing on EL platforms during the week.  Of course, we missed a few days due to sub freezing temperatures.  I actually got frostbite 2 weeks ago.  JOY!



Our huge, empty sign storage area (campaign office).

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Great Heights

Posted by Jennak Jan 28, 2008

My friend Michaelene is always trying really hard to make her hair really really big.  A coworker alerted me one day that it was much bigger than usual and to get my camera down to her office.


Apparently the secret is being Italian.


I posted it on an active blog because she's tiny and buff and all she does is rat her hair.  So something's working for her!

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The Syd Takes Out the Cameraman

Posted by Jennak Jan 11, 2008

I've been trying to mess around with my Sony Netcam with varying results.  I'm beginning to feel as if I'm living in a cave with how dark it always is.



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Traditional Korean New Year's Day

Posted by Jennak Jan 11, 2008


Every year, no matter how hung over Mike and I are, we trudge over to his parent's house to celebrate what is, to them, the most important holiday of the year. The first year I was supposed to go, I whined and stomped, but went anyway. I mean, come on! Who gets out of bed earlier than noon on New Year's Day. Every year since then it's gotten easier, with this year even being really enjoyable. How much can you really drink when you know your 18 month old doesn't really care how hung over you are, she's up at 6, desperate to see Big Bird anyway?


This was the first year we all donned our traditional Korean dress to celebrate. The kids had theirs, so why not make the adults get into really uncomfortable, non-breathable fabric, too? I actually got to pick mine out myself when Mike and I got married and I really like the colors a lot. I still sweat buckets in it though.


So here we are. . .


The gear is very colorful. Mike said he feels a bit like MC Hammer in the era of "Can't Touch This".




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Thousand Words

Posted by Jennak Jan 4, 2008

So there really isn't a day that goes by where I'm not shooting pictures with my Sony W80.  I have subjects who are pretty big hams for the camera.  Here I'm speaking of my dog and my daughter, of course.



This picture was taken on a typical night and I post this picture not because Syd looks particularly cute or welcoming.  HA!  In fact, if you saw this picture you would probably never ever want to visit our house for even 10 minutes.  But I'm posting it because in the background you can see what is on our television 365 days a year, rain or sleet or sunshine at the same time every day.  I'm frankly so sick of it I would rather pluck my eyes from my head with a spoon than watch another episode or hear another "giddy-yup" coming from some guy (friend of my husband's of course) who thinks he's Kramer.


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Christmas is for Syds

Posted by Jennak Jan 1, 2008

Well, the fervor has died and we go back to work tomorrow.  Some toys have already been relegated to the "Do-Not-Play" pile.  (in other words, the pile that we take to a shelter or goodwill)  We had a wonderful Christmas, though, since Syd was so enthusiastic about opening all her presents.  She especially loved her little table and her bristle blocks.  The ones that will be leaving in the back of the car in a big black bag: the fake Sit and Spin, the Cranium sports station that won't stay up and the original Tickle me Elmo.  (well, I might keep that one.)

No camera is ever safe when Syd is around. We tried in vain to film her opening presents, but great toys and colorful wrappings can only deter her for so long.


The offending basketball net which looks really cool when you first set it up. It started to droop after Syd started making baskets by pulling the rim to her.


More presents than she knew what to do with.

As you can see, Daddy should definitely have been an architect. He loves Syd's blocks and created the world's first bristle block suspension bridge. Then SYDZILLA knocked it down.

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