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Christmas is for Syds

Posted by Jennak on Jan 1, 2008 5:55:51 PM

Well, the fervor has died and we go back to work tomorrow.  Some toys have already been relegated to the "Do-Not-Play" pile.  (in other words, the pile that we take to a shelter or goodwill)  We had a wonderful Christmas, though, since Syd was so enthusiastic about opening all her presents.  She especially loved her little table and her bristle blocks.  The ones that will be leaving in the back of the car in a big black bag: the fake Sit and Spin, the Cranium sports station that won't stay up and the original Tickle me Elmo.  (well, I might keep that one.)

No camera is ever safe when Syd is around. We tried in vain to film her opening presents, but great toys and colorful wrappings can only deter her for so long.


The offending basketball net which looks really cool when you first set it up. It started to droop after Syd started making baskets by pulling the rim to her.


More presents than she knew what to do with.

As you can see, Daddy should definitely have been an architect. He loves Syd's blocks and created the world's first bristle block suspension bridge. Then SYDZILLA knocked it down.

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