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Farewell! (and the leftovers)

Posted by Jennak on Feb 1, 2008 12:05:02 PM

I am sad to say goodbye to my Sony Blog.  I've enjoyed writing it very much.  The last few weeks I've been defending my job out on the streets of Cook County so I've been a bit scarce on the internet (well, except to read horrible things posted by both campaigns).



I figured I would post some of the leftover pictures I had that I didn't get a chance to post.

We went to Navy Pier for the Winter Wonderfest and Syd loved it. She was a little small for a lot of the rides and the carousel animals freaked her out, but we had to physically drag her kicking and screaming from the slide.

HA! MAN IN THE MIRROR (Navy Pier funhouse)!!

We took a trip on a Sunday to the Lego Store on Michigan Avenue. I mean, what else can you do in the City of Chicago with a 19 month old on a horrible winter day other than shop and eat?


Syd left the Lego Store with a (very expensive) farm set that she likes to dump on the floor every night and then ignore.

Finally, we did a trek out to the Kohl's Children's museum and Syd got into tight places.


Well, I think that's it for me.


Thanks Sony!!

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